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Testing the Adhesion Strength under Standard Method

The Adhesion testing is very basic practice in packaging industry. The self-adhesive tapes and packaging films are often tested for the amount of force required to break the adhesive bond. And also, the force required to keep the bond strength. For conducting such test in the industries, it is very important that all uses a same way and process so that the results can be judged at a global platform. That is where standard takes its place.

Adhesion strength test is practiced under the international testing standards ASTM D 903. The test standard is helpful in the evaluation and testing of adhesive behaviour under different circumstances. It companies worldwide to perform the test following a standard procedure and extract a precision based result upon which they can categorize the material as per its application. The adhesive material can deliver distinct nature i.e., they can either be volatile or be non-volatile. And depending upon their nature they can have further distinction in their properties such as viscosity, adhesion, shear strength and shear modulus. All these properties can be judges with the help of an Adhesive strength Tester.

The test standards are helpful in evaluating the adhesive bond properties which include strength, creep, fracture, and fatigue. Also, it can inspect the effect of environmental factors upon the adhesive bond. The test can guide a manufacturer in determining the application of the adhesive material like electrical insulation, sealant materials, and adhesive materials utilized in lumber products and floor systems.

Presto designed adhesive tester is a reliable test machine suitable for conducting a standardized test procedure by using its advanced level of features. This include a load cell which is calibrated by NABL certified labs. It helps in equal distribution of applied force on the test specimen to minimize the chances of error in end results. Equipped with strong gripping clamps for ensuring zero slippage of specimen during process. The machine is also entitled with safety limit switches, using which the operators can limit the travel length of the clamps customizing test procedures as per their industry requirements. The force values can be accessed through the Digital display screen which is designed based on a microprocessor program. The adhesive tester delivers the two angular method test i.e. 180 degree and 90 degree (perpendicular angle fixture is optional).

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