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What are a Rolling Ball Tack Tester and What Are Its Uses?

The production of paper and its products is approximately more than 200 million tons. Paper products are widely used in the packaging and manufacturing industry. If you work in the packaging industry, then you must have an idea about the use of adhesives while delivering the products. Thus you can make use of Rolling Ball Tack Tester to test the tack of adhesives. This lab testing instrument from Presto Testing Instruments is easy to operate and can easily be affordable. It has the ability to measure the adhesive that will adhere to another surface. We have a wide range of other packaging testing instruments that will be helpful in determining the quality assurance of your materials.

This test will comply with various standardization authorities that will help to perform the tack test on the pressure-sensitive adhesive. When you conduct this test, then the responsive pressure tape is affixed below the end of a path of the testing platform. If the distance covered by the ball is small then the tackiness result will be higher of the adhesive used in the packaging. You can make use of samples like adhesive tapes, and sticky materials like the protective film for testing.

There are many features of using the rolling ball tack testing machine. They are listed below.

Features of ball tack tester by Presto Testing Instruments

The Presto packaging testing instruments are of high quality that provides you précised results. You will get highly accurate data when you make use of these testing instruments. The ball tack testing machine consists of various features that we have listed below. You can have a look at them.

  • Its working mechanism is based on the rolling ball method and will help you to test the material with ease.
  • You can freely adjust the angle of inclination to meet the customer test requirements.
  • The quick and easy operation of the material will be done on this testing machine.
  • This lab testing equipment is tested and designed as per standards to provide you with highly accurate results.
  • Easy to position the sample with the strong locating strips.
  • User-friendly reading system to read the measurements.

These are some of the features you will get with the use of this testing instrument. You can make use of it to test the tackiness of pressure applied on the sensitive adhesive coated on the film, tape, or label stocks.


Here in this blog, we have discussed the brief information about rolling Ball Tack Tester and how it will be useful in the packaging industry. You can easily afford this instrument to test the packaging quality of materials. Thus with the help of this testing instrument, you can test the tackiness of materials. This will help to reduce human errors.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to deliver quality products to your clients by taking quality assurance tests with the help of our packaging testing instruments.

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