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Ensure Safety of Packaging and Products With Accurate Vibration Testing

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The packaging of a product has to bear a lot of forces and impact during different stages such as transportation, handling, storage, etc. These forces and impacts might cause the packaging to get deformed or damaged and hence create a threat to the product quality. The manufacturers of the products need to ensure the best quality of the packaging they provide to the clients so that the best level of safety could be ensured. The different types of forces that are exerted on the packaging of products include compressive forces, impact forces, bursting forces and many others. A major problem with the packaging containers is that they have to bear a lot of vibration during usage and hence this vibration can cause the joints of the containers to loosen. The manufacturers must test the integrity and strength of the packaging containers against vibration using a vibration table.

A vibration table is attesting instrument that is used by the packaging containers manufacturers to analyze the ability of the packaging containers to bear the vibrational force that is levied on them during transportation and packaging process.  With the help of this testing procedures, it is also possible to make sure that the products that are packaged in the packaging will be safe from damage during the transit process. This is essential for brittle and delicate products such as glassware, ceramic products, and so forth.

With the help of Presto’s Vibration table, the manufacturers can easily replicate the original conditions of the vibration that a packaging container has to bear during the transportation and ensure the best quality of the packaging.

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