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Ultimate Bond Strength Tester for Plastic Films

The seal or bond strength testing determines the mechanical strength, force, or stress required to break a bond formed by an adhesive. Also, it determines the durability of the coating, bond strength of the material, and the performance of adhesives. In other words, the Bond Strength testing ensures the integrity, quality, and safety of the adhesion tapes and bonds.

The bond strength test method is generally used on a variety of products ranging from paper and laminates to linoleum and various construction adhesives. Most often, this test involves the measurement of flexural bond strength of adhesives under different environmental conditions.

We at Presto Stantest ensure you provide the best in quality and customized Peel Strength Tester for your manufacturing unit. We are among the best manufacturer, marketers, and suppliers of various testing instruments. Talk to one of our experts now to find out the best solution that fits your business requirement. Call us at +91-9210 903 903 or send us an e-mail regarding the query at

What Makes Bond Strength Tester by Presto Better Than Others?

Presto being the reckoned name in testing instruments manufacturing brings innovative and technical advanced machines in the market. Also, these testers are available in various shapes, sizes and compositions like, manual, auto, and computerized. To achieve the finest result in manufacturing, all the standards and laws are practiced in state-of-art units. Here some features of the Seal or Peel strength tester by Presto

  • It has a Digital display screen that is supported by the microprocessor.
  • A complete instruction guide is available for the Bond Strength Tester.
  • It has a memory feature.
  • Calibration certificate of the parts
  • Strong clamps for the tight grip of the specimen.
  • Accurate and versatile test result.
  • Low Maintenance

Through Peel Strength Tester, we ensure you to optimize the processing parameters of product throughout its lifecycle. Moreover, it aids in the reduction of costs related to wastage from seal or adhesive failure.

Bring the Best Quality of Your Product Through Finest Testing Instrument

The quality of your product will build up trust among your customers. Therefore, ensure the best quality of your product through testing with finest instrument. Trust Presto that adheres to global standards of testing instruments. Also, you can get cost-effective prices for various customized machines.

The transparent business deals, on-time delivery, experts’ assistance before and after selling the testing machines, are some of the major perks while collaborating with Presto Stantest.

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