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Product testing is essential for any manufacturer who wants to ensure their products are of the highest quality. By using Presto's high-quality paper and packaging lab testing equipment, manufacturers can test the quality of their packaging and make sure it meets their standards. By ensuring that their products are of the best quality possible, manufacturers can increase their profits and keep their customers happy. With Presto's high-quality lab testing equipment, manufacturers can rest assured that their products are of the highest possible quality.

At Presto, we offer a wide range of package lab testing instruments to help you evaluate the performance of packaging materials. Our instruments are designed to provide accurate and reliable results, so you can make informed decisions about your product packaging. From box bursting strength testers, drop testers to compression testers, edge crush testers, and many more, we have the right instrument for your needs. We also offer a variety of quality lab testing instruments to meet your budget and testing requirements.



Through testing at every stage of product production can help the manufacturers to identify any potential issues and correct them before they cause problems for the customers. In addition, regular testing can also help to improve the overall quality of products over time. By investing in our quality lab testing instruments, manufacturers can be assured that their products will meet the needs of their customers.


Q. Why are lab testing instruments important in the industry?

Lab testing is fundamental for any maker who needs to guarantee their items are of the greatest quality. By guaranteeing that their items are of the most ideal quality, producers can expand their benefits and keep their clients blissful. With great lab testing gear, makers can have confidence that their items are of the greatest conceivable quality.

Q. How to identify verified lab testing equipment manufacturers?

There are many factors to check in this case. You have to see whether the manufacturer has a proper website or not. There must be adequate support given by the firm. Also, it is important to check previous reviews for the sake of convenience.

Q. How much do lab testing instruments cost in India?

Lab testing instruments cost in India varies on manufacturer to manufacturer. The variance of the cost depends on many factors like quality or the nature of the material and varies as per the requirements.

Q. Do the lab testing instruments come with a warranty?

Yes, the lab testing instruments come with one year warranty.

Q. Do you provide customer support for lab testing instruments?

Yes, Presto provides full customer support for all lab testing equipment both before and after the purchase. The mail ID for contacting customer support is and users can also call for instant support at +919210903903.

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