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Attain Adhesive Precision with Tape Testing Instruments

Tape Testing Instruments

As a manufacturer of the paper & packaging industry dealing with tapes and adhesives is a daily job, and it becomes crucially important to deliver the highest possible customer satisfaction consistently. This ensures the brand reputation and also recurring business.

To keep your customers in a safe spot, it is vital to measure the peel strength or adhesiveness of the manufactured items to ensure that the right information is being given to the customer.

Presto Group is the finest manufacturer of tape testing instruments aiding the manufacturers of different industries to enhance the adhesive quality and thus ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.

Some of the majorly used packaging testing equipment for adhesive indication of tapes & labels are:

All the tape testing instruments have different abilities to determine the variable qualities necessary in tapes/labels for longevity and durability.

Scuff Resistance Tester – The instrument is ergonomically designed to determine the durability of the printing quality used on the paper & packaging materials. The tape testing instrument is majorly used for labels in order to measure the durability of the printed information. The instrument is a very well-optimized product by the Presto Group because of its ability to measure the scuff resistance when a sample is scuffed against another to simulate real-life incidences where products are stored close together, resulting in scuffing between the samples.

Scuff Resistance Tester

The instrument can range up to 60 rotations per minute and can count up to 9,99,999 circular motions, allowing accurate and quick testing of the materials testing.

Ink Abrasion Tester – The tape testing equipment is very similar to the scuff resistance tester. However, the differentiation among the two is that the ink abrasion tester determines the durability of the ink used on the tapes, laminates and various other paper & packaging materials testing.

Ink Abrasion Tester

The ink abrasion tester on the other hand operates at a faster speed as compared to the scuff resistance tester and also moves in a linear reciprocatory motion rather in a circular motion. The instrument is necessary to check the durability of the information provided by the manufacturer on the label holding all the necessary details regarding the product. The instrument is not just used for the packaging testing equipment but is also used in various printing machines to derive the durability and the ability of the printed ink on the materials testing to withstand real-life exposure.

Tensile Strength Tester – The tensile strength tester determines the durability of the tapes/labels to withstand rupturing when pulled from both ends. The machine consists of two jaws where the specimen is placed. The upper jaw remains stable and the lower jaw due to a motorized connective with the circular lead screw moves downward i.e. the opposite direction of the upper jaw forcing the specimen to rupture. The maximum rupturing strength that the specimen was able to withstand is depicted on the digital meter.

Tensile Strength Tester

The machine also comes with a dumbbell specimen cutter to derive the highest accuracy out of the tape testing instruments and thus ensure precise results repeatedly. The instrument has another provision of different grippers situated at the jaws allowing the operator to choose the appropriate gripper for the materials testing.

Peel/Seal/Bond/Adhesive Strength Tester - The precisely engineered lab testing instrument is a one-stop solution for all your packaging testing equipment. The instrument is used for peel strength tests, adhesive tape tests, bond strength tests as well as seal strength indication. To perform the test It is important to condition the specimen by dipping it into a chemical called toluene for 15-20 minutes.

peel strength tests

Once the conditioning is done the specimen is then placed between the two motorized jaws moving in opposite directions to each other forcing the specimen to peel with the help of a circular lead screw. This peeling of the specimen is called the peel strength test.

peel strength testing machine

The same working module is followed for the conduction of other tests like adhesive tape tests, bond strength tests & seal indication tests.

Colour Matching Cabinet Spectrum – the product is a high-quality, well-manufactured tape testing instrument designed to indicate the color differences or color matching properties of two different specimens tested together. The instrument has a dedicated chamber that supports uniform brightness through the LED lights at different modes. The test is performed in dark surroundings enabling the visuals to be precise and clear. The instrument sprays light on both specimens uniformly allowing the optical viewer to find out the evenness of the color as well as the difference(s) among the specimens.

Colour Matching Cabinet Spectrum

The instrument is designed for accurate testing with different lightning modules associated with a tracker that depicts the duration of the LED lights that aid the operator in determining the longevity of the Instrument.

All these tape testing instruments are extremely crucial for ensuring the durability and qualitative aspects of tapes/labels and various other specimens. It is the duty of the manufacturer to responsibly check all the necessary factors before taping and labeling the products with these testing instruments to ensure the maximum level of consumer satisfaction as well as the safety of the items.

Testing tape measures take place to ensure that the correct information is being circulated by checking the printing quality and the ink abrasion strength by the scuff resistance tester and the ink abrasion tester respectively. It is crucial to adhere to all the testing tape measures and therefore perform all the necessary tasks accountably.

Buy Tape Testing Instruments to Ensure High Quality

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