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How Compressive Testing Machines can be used for Enhancement of Quality of Packaging Containers

Compressive Testing Machines

The packaging containers are used in a variety of industries for the purpose of packaging of different products. The materials that are used for packaging need to be tested thoroughly for their strength and quality so that the packaging provides complete safety to the products that are packaged within. One of the major properties of the packaging containers is the compression strength. The compression strength is the property of the packaging containers that keeps them from deformation and damage that may occur when there is compressive forces are exerted on them during the process of stacking and storage.

The box compression value of a container can easily be used with the help of the compression test. The compression provides the values that help the users in plotting a graph of Force vs. deformation. In this test, a testing machine which is a compressive testing machine. The machine is also called box compression tester.

Here are some of the features that make the box compression tester an ideal instrument to test the container compression value.

  1. It exerts a compressive force on the test specimen at a constant rate. As per the standards, the rate of compression of the specimen should be 12.5 mm per minute.
  2. The test can be conducted on both empty and filled boxes along with a closure or without a box
  3. The results that are obtained after the test by the instrument contain the following information such as deflection, peak load at deflection, time to failure. The load at the critical deformation and many others.

Presto is one of the most renowned manufacturer and suppliers of highly accurate compressive testing machines such as box compression tester that have been used in many different industries for testing the compressive strength of the packaging containers like drums, cans, corrugated boxes and many others.

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