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Best Drop Test Machine Manufacturers in India

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Drop Tester Machine is widely used to ensure that the packages reach in their destinations in a safe condition, from the point of departure. It is very important to evaluate the quality of the packages. Packages are subjected to wear and tear, especially during transportation.

Need for Drop Tester Machine

In fact, at airports where airline staff and workers who handle luggage toss goods across the tarmac, the package endures maximum external stress.

A package should be strong enough to endure vibration, shock, humidity and pressure that may cause damage at the time of transportation, stocking and distribution. All these parameters can be evaluated by performing drop tests, using Drop Tester machine.

Thus, packages undergo various conditions. If the package is not handled with utmost care, it results in damages within the cartons during transit. Many times the edges of the package get damaged or the entire package gets crushed, especially when they fall from a height. So, carton drop test must be considered important. Here, the master carton is dropped many number of times at various angles and the impact is analysed.

Principle of Drop Test –

Drop Test is based on the principle of ‘Free Fall’

To conduct a free-fall drop test, manufacturers employ a Drop Tester. In this equipment the package is dropped onto a flat, firm, non-yielding steel base, from a specific height. The drop height may vary based on the weight of the package.

Drop Height

The ‘Drop height’ (height across which the carton is dropped) can be based on the ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) Standard, as per the weight of the box. A box weighing less than 21lbs i.e. 10 kgs can be dropped from a height of 30 inches and box weighing 100lbs i.e. 45 kgs can be dropped from a height of 8 inches.

Presto Testing Instruments is a renowned Drop Tester manufacturing company. The company has more than three decades of experience in this field. Presto is a leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging testing instruments. 

Hope packaging manufacturers, buyers and sellers find the above information useful. For further assistance, please visit or call 0129-4272727 for more details and customization of the equipment.

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