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How Bursting Strength Is Different From Bursting Factor?

How To Calculate Bursting Strength of Corrugated Boxes

Out of these properties, bursting strength means the amount of pressure that a paper can tolerate before it ruptures or collapse. The strength of  the packaging materials can be determined by providing air pressure to the board that helps to measure the bursting strength and quality of the corrugated boxes. The best way to judge the bursting strength of the boxes is bursting strength Tester.

What is Bursting Factor of Corrugated Boxes?

Bursting Factor is that property which can be calculated after measuring the bursting strength of the boxes. The bursting factor can be calculated by dividing the bursting strength of a board by the basic weight of the paper. This property is expressed in grams per sq. meter.

The bursting factor and bursting strength both helps to measure the quality of the corrugated boxes. Better the bursting strength and bursting factor of the paper better will be its quality. Better quality of Packaging product helps to pack the packaging product safely. offers the best solutions to measure the strength and quality of the packaging materials with a large range of testing devices and for more information on Packaging Testing Instrument.

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