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Make Your Packaging Stronger With Box Compression Tester

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For most of the industries, it is important to provide the best quality of products to the customers so that a strong customer base could be maintained and profits could be increased for a long term. For best quality assurance of the products, it is essential to ensure the safety of the products during various stages such as production, storage and transit. The packaging of a product plays a vital role in the safety of the products. If the packaging of the products is strong enough to bear all the loads, there are very less chances of the damage to the products. the manufacturers of the packaging materials also need to ensure that they manufacture the materials in such a way that they are strong enough to provide the best protection to the products they are used for packaging.

During transportation, the boxes are stacked in an arrangement which exerts a huge amount of compressive force on the boxes hence they can easily be crushed if they are not strong enough. The box compression tester is a testing instrument that helps the manufacturers in ensuring that the compressive strength of the corrugated boxes manufacturer by them is enough to survive the rigorous warehousing and transportation procedures.

Presto offers highly accurate and precise box compression testers that provide accurate data about the compressive strength of the corrugated boxes. The instrument is in compliance with all the national and international standards and is provided with a conformance certificate.

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