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Conduct Precise Seal Integrity Test on Polymer Films

The packaging quality is exceptionally critical for the timeframe of realistic usability and wellbeing of an item. The specialized group at your assembling unit might be exceptionally exact at their activity however a moment deformity at any phase of packaging can obliterate the future rank of the item. Today in this blog, we will talk about how testing seal trustworthiness in polymer films stands an indispensable place in guaranteeing items by and large quality.

The Heat seal parameters can be effectively computed by setting up this recipe; Heat Saleability = Temperature + Pressure + Time. Despite the fact that, keeping up a perfect warmth fixing conditions underway line and distinguishing the genuine reason of poor fixing remains a test for the maker. Testing of warmth fixing parameters can be led by creating ‘controlled seals’ with the assistance of an aligned Lab heat sealing machine according to the principles of ASTM F2029.


By changing the fixing temperature and stay time, the perfect fixing parameters can be effectively recorded and taken after. Presto introduces an amazing warmth fixing machine, for recording perfect fixing execution. The sealer is utilized in various applications to seal films, thwart fixing, thermally enacted cements, plastic ports and seal connectors.

It is used to assess the warmth seal execution of composite movies, plastic movies, for example, PP, PE utilized in packaging distinctive sustenance items, for example, drain powder, moment noodle, nourishment, washing powder, and medications. An immense measure of cash is spent on planning and assembling imaginative packaging for item brands to furnish the purchaser with a wonderful affair that they’ll need to recover.

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