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Determine the Thermal Shrinkage of Synthetic Yarns and Cords with ASTM D 4974

The textile materials such as polyester and nylon are used for many different purposes such as packaging industries. The Strength of these synthetic textile materials makes them best for the purpose of packaging as they are capable of keeping the products safe due to their strength and quality. One basic property of the synthetic textile yarns and cords is that they shrink when subjected to a higher temperature. If there is nominal shrinkage, then there should be no problem, but if the shrinkage takes place extensively then it can cause problems in the packaging. Due to the problem of shrinkage, the manufacturers of packaging products should check the shrinkage level of these materials before using in the packaging.

Use of Hot Air Oven for testing shrinkage

The Hot Air Oven is an efficient testing instrument that is capable of creating elevated temperature for the purpose of screening the shrinkage level of the polyester and nylon. The instrument can create a temperature in the range from ambient to 2500 C. This temperature range of enough for testing the thermal shrinkage of the yarn and cords made from Polyester or Nylon.

ASTM D 4974

The quality testing standard that governs the thermal shrinkage testing of synthetic yarns is the ASTM D 4974 which gives the requirements for the apparatus that could perform the test procedure. It also gives the instruction about the preparation of the specimen for the test procedure to obtain the best accuracy of test analysis.

Presto’s Hot Air Oven is in complete adherence with the various standards such as ASTM, ISO, etc. hence, ensure that the test finding obtained from the instrument are most accurate and precise.

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