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Ensure the Best Sealing of Plastic Pouches with Seal Strength Tester

The Plastic pouches are widely used in the packaging industries for the purpose of packaging. The plastic pouches are best for packaging of different products due to many reasons. They are stronger and flexible hence can be used for packaging of a variety of products such as food items. The plastic pouches are sealed after filling to give protection to the products while transiting and storage. This seal has to be strong enough so that it could bear the shocks and rough conditions of transportation. It is essential for the manufacturers of plastic packaging pouches that they test the strength of the seals on the pouches so that it could be ensured that they will provide the best protection to the products. The seal strength tester is a testing instrument that is used for determining the seal strength of the plastic pouches.

Highlights of Presto’s Seal Strength Tester

  1. The instrument is best for testing the seal strength of the plastic pouches.
  2. The instrument offers highly accurate testing results with the help of highly sensitive load cell.
  3. The test is conducted at an angle of force application of 1800.

Technical specifications of Presto’s Seal Strength Tester

  1. The instrument has a maximum load capacity of 20 kgf.
  2. The least count if the instrument is 2 grams.
  3. The instrument also comes with AC speed drive and thermal printer as optional accessories.

Application of Seal Strength Tester

The Seal strength tester can be used for exact evaluation of the strength of the sealing that is incorporated in the plastic packaging pouches so that they could keep the products safe and fresh throughout the transportation and storage process.

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