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Testing Heat Seal Strength of Ionomer Films as per ASTM F2029

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Ionomers are of straightforward nature and is a thermoplastic elastomers of glass-like clearness, high toughness and has extraordinary flexibility. They are used on different occasions as a tie-layer and as a glue polymer which gives splendid connection to aluminum and other polar substrates and furthermore exceptional fixing properties. Basic nourishment bundling applications fuse thermoformed pockets, versatile lidding, vacuum skin bundle and shape fill-seal pockets. Other basic applications fuse surface movies and sheets for golf balls, sports equipment, skin and stretchable movies, and overmolded bottles. The properties are frequently checked utilizing Heat fixing machine.

The Heat seal execution of ionomer films depends upon the fixing bar temperature, bundle line speed, film thickness and properties of the sealant polymers. It is a dependable instrument used to perform fixing process on versatile bundling things and other thermoplastic materials using weight and warmth by keeping up high temperatures. It is manufactured under various Test Standards, for instance, ASTM F 2029.

Microchip program based presentation screen for exact test results. Precise test results under pneumatic weight control and the executives. Single Push catch activity. PID temperature controller and clock prepared. Strong warmth jaws for performing tests. No slippage in the occasion that example is put reliably without any holes. Splendid LED show screen for temperature and time term. PID temperature controller for most raised measure of controls and repeatability. Computerized based Pre-set clock. EN 31 hard and temper fixing jaw material. Guide bar framework for successful control of fixing process. Self-governing alteration of temperature for upper and lower jaws.

Presto Heat Sealer is extraordinarily intended to satisfy the prerequisite of fixing the parcels in paper and pressing industry. It is a trying gadget which is utilized to seal different items like bundling material, a thermoplastic material utilizing heat. Warmth Sealer joins the two substrates one of which is certainly a thermoplastic layer. The instrument seals two materials utilizing a satisfactory measure of warmth and weight. The machine contains a fixing bar which is warmed persistently to supply warmth to the specific territory on the example to consolidate two materials. The research center warmth sealer is generally utilized in various applications like thermally enacted cements, thermoplastic movies, plastic ports and foil fixing.

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