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Evaluate the Peeling Ability of Substrates from Coated Materials by Peel Tester

Peel Tester

It becomes highly important to assess the peel/ seal/ bond/ adhesion ability of substrates from coated raw materials that differ from each other such as laminates, films, glues, coating, adhesives, etc. All the manufacturing industries of these products make sure that the peel strength of the product is up to the mark and durable for a certain amount of time.

Measuring the peel durability of materials is mandatory to avoid confusion which may lead to fatal accidents and losses to businesses. This can also hamper the brand's reputation in case of false delivery of packaged items.

The Presto Group has come up with a one-stop solution for eradicating all the confusion by measuring the peel/ seal/bond /adhesion ability of raw materials called the peel tester.

peel tester

This high-quality lab testing instrument is designed to measure the peel ability of substrates from coated or adhesion-based materials. This helps manufacturers from the flexible packaging industry to ensure the quality of labeling, taping, and other similar aspects in order to avoid confusion in later processes.

It is necessary to take a look at the operating procedures of the ergonomically designed peel strength tester.

Operating Mechanism of Peel Tester

The peel testing instrument is designed to aid the manufacturers of the flexible packaging industry in the assessment of the peel strength of variably manufactured products by conducting a peel test.

peel test

To conduct a peel test, the manufacturer of the raw material must prepare the specimen by cutting it into a rectangular shape that must not exceed 25mm in size. Once the ideal specimen is handy to be used, it is dipped into a chemical called toluene for about 20 minutes. The chemical exposes the coating/labeling/ taping of the material by partially disintegrating the substrate and the adhesive material.

The specimen is then placed between the two jaws of the instrument and has a rugged gripper surface for the positioning of the sample. Once the sample is positioned they are clamped firmly to ensure no movement during the peel strength test.

peel strength test

The upper jaw remains stagnant at one position whereas the lower jaw moves downward through a motorized mechanism controlled by a circular lead screw for smooth movement of the jaw. The movement of the lower jaw away from the upper jaw holding the specimen results in peeling the specimen thus, disintegrating the substrate from the adhesively coated material.

The load required to disintegrate the material from the substrate is depicted on the microprocessor-based display for an easy recording of the maximum load by the operator.

There are certain specifications necessary for compliance with the dedicated standards I.e. the testing must be conducted at 90o angle positioning of the specimen, and the speed of the separation of jaws must be set at 300 mm per minute. The instrument can also measure the bond strength of corrugated sheets and the seal strength of sealed items like sealed packets, wrappers, etc.

The instrument has gained the trust of so many manufacturers from different industries due to the top-notch features it contains.

Features of Peel Tester

The lab testing instrument enables the manufacturer to perform various tests whether peel/ seal /bond/ adhesion in a single instrument, making it a very cost-efficient method for the manufacturers. The all-in-one ability is the reason that the instrument is widely known as a 180o peel tester.

180o peel tester

The rugged surfaces of the jaw allow no movement of the specimen which aids the manufacturer in attaining the highest level of accuracy over & over again.

The operator-friendly manufacturing can be witnessed by the Presto Group due to the inclusion of safety limit switches safeguarding the overtravel of the jaws once the specimen is disintegrated fully. This enables the operator to conduct testing without any extra effort.

The inclusion of feather touch controls along with a rotary switch allows the operator to perform single-handed operations with ease.

The compliance of peel testing with designated standards enhances the trustworthiness of manufacturers from different industries in the instrument.

The 180o peel tester is designed with the construction of stainless steel along with a 7-layered powder-coated mild steel that ensures the long-lasting durability of the instrument. There are many other aspects that a manufacturer can undertake during the installation of the instrument to ensure maximum levels of accuracy and provide the manufacturer with desired results repeatedly.

Installation Factors of Peel Tester

There are certain measures to undertake during the installation of the lab testing instrument. Some of the most important are:

  • The lab testing equipment is designed as a bench-top model for conducting the peel strength test therefore, it must be installed on an even table or bench that can withstand the weight of the equipment.
  • The peel testing machine must be given enough amount of space for conducting the test in order to avoid any accidents with the nearby installations.
  • The instrument should be installed near a power plug for a consistent flow of electricity during the test to reach the maximum levels of accuracy and a hassle-free testing stage.
  • Make sure to use the toluene chemical on the specimen after precise cutting as mentioned in the guidelines for absolute precision. Cleaning & regularly maintaining the instrument is equally important, hence Presto provides ethylene (a type of chemical with cleaning properties) for cleaning the instrument to perform repeated testing for a long time.

Get Your Hands on the ALL-IN-ONE Peel Tester

If you also want to make sure of correct and precise labeling, taping of your manufactured products, or measuring the peel/ seal/ bond/ adhesion ability of the materials, you can get your hands on the top-notch peel strength tester. To ask any questions or queries you can simply visit our website and seek more knowledge about peel testers as well as other lab testing instruments. You can also contact us via phone at +91 9210903903 and via e-mail at We aim to provide the finest customer service and aid manufacturers from all over the industries by constructing state-of-the-art lab testing instruments.

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