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Get Bursting Strength, Factor and Index of Zipped Pouches

Zipped Pouches

The zipping pouches are trending in today’s domestic and commercial markets. They are super hit in the industrial market as well. As in the domestic market. The zip pouches are supposed to carry almost everything and protect them from the outer surrounding and its contamination.  However, to ascertain its actual working life it is important to test them for their bursting strength, bursting factor and bursting index.

Bursting Strength Tester – Digital Pneumatic cum Computerized is an innovative revolution in the packaging industry. Renowned for testing plastic packaging films of various forms and designs. It determines the bursting strength of numerous material and calculates the bursting factor and bursting index of the specimen. The bursting strength tester is designed specifically to check the resistance of the material against compression load.

The model we are presenting is the number one choice of many famous brands. It has digital controls to operate and run the machine, the test results will appear in the form of digital values on the display screen. It can also be connected to your computer system. The connection will be one way – user can see the test data on screen and other details but the machine cannot be operated from the computer. Running test information can be seen on digital screen as well as on the computer screen. Graph between the bursting pressure, time and burst value can be extracted in the form of a graph. The test data appearing on the system can be saved in excel, or pdf format. The report can even be mailed.

Presto Bursting strength tester complies with ASTM D 3786-01, ASTM D 3786 – 80A, and ISO 1060 PART-1 1987. These standards are worldwide accepted as per which the machine is designed and works. Don’t want such hi-tech machine? We have various types of models which are fabricated as per the customer needs. Analogue, Digital Model. Pneumatic control Model, Printer facility Model and the Computer Model.  The computer connection can be installed using a CD software program.

Equipped with automated sample locking feature to assure the product stay in place during the test. The specimen must be cut in a circular shape which is a standard and the placed in- between the clamping fixtures and locked. Below is a pneumatically control pressure diaphragm which come upwards and put load in the film until it ruptures.  Every single test data is recorded in your system. For more details on bursting strength tester.

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