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Get Valuable Insights into The Tensile Properties of Materials with Tensile Testing

tensile testing machine

Packaging materials play a critical role in safeguarding products during storage, stacking, and transit, necessitating exceptional strength to withstand harsh conditions. Among the crucial properties, tensile strength stands out as a key factor for manufacturers. It serves as a pivotal indicator of a material's ability to endure the forces encountered during its usage. A higher tensile strength directly correlates with increased packaging robustness, ensuring enhanced protection for the products housed within the box or container.

leading tensile strength tester

Presto is a leading tensile strength tester manufacturer and designs this quality testing equipment embedded with highly advanced features. Presto's Computerized Cum Digital Table Top Tensile Testing Machine proves to be a valuable tool for gauging the breaking strength of raw materials and finished products related to packaging. This device stands as a testament to the skilled craftsmanship and versatility of Presto's team. Featuring a single-column vertical movement facilitated by low-friction ball screws, the equipment operates on the CRT principle to accurately assess the tensile strength of various products and materials. In this blog, we will discuss a brief about how the Presto tensile strength testing machine will help you to test the tensile properties of materials.

The Importance of Tensile Testing in Material Selection and Quality Control

Tensile Testing, a subset of tension testing, is an engineering and materials science procedure involving the controlled application of tension to a sample until it reaches complete failure. Among the widest-use testing methods, tensile strength testing is one of the most used testing equipment that will serve as a purpose for assessing the material’s strength and its capacity before it gets fractured.

tensile testing machine

Manufacturers of different industries can make use of this tensile testing machine to determine critical mechanical properties such as yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, and ultimate tensile strength.

Presto's digital cum computerized model of the tensile testing machine adheres to rigorous industrial standards, including ASTM D412, ASTM D429-73, ASTM D624, ASTM D638-01, ASTM D76, IS 13360-5-7, and IS 3400(Part1-1987), ensuring precision in test outcomes. The machine boasts an advanced load sensor with linearity features and repeatability, guaranteeing highly accurate results in laboratory testing.

computerized model tensile testing machine

This top-tier laboratory testing instrument provides users with the flexibility to establish pass or fail criteria tailored to specific requirements. With the capability to program customized criteria for assessing test results, the machine automatically determines whether a sample meets the desired standards or specifications, enhancing efficiency and reliability in testing processes. You can easily make your packaging stronger with the help of this testing equipment.

The main purpose of using a tensile testing machine

The measurement of tensile strength stands out as the premier testing technique for evaluating the reliability and robustness of materials. This method serves a dual purpose: assessing the actual working life of products and determining the stress a product can endure before deformation or breakage occurs.

measurement of tensile strength

The tensile strength tester digital cum computerized model will accurately measure the mechanical properties of the materials. With this quality testing equipment, manufacturers will use a tensile strength machine to record the elongation, and change of length when a tensile load is applied to the materials.

Elevate your product's strength and overall quality with the precision and reliability offered by the Presto tensile strength testing machine.

Different properties of materials can be tested using a tensile testing machine

A tensile test directly measures ultimate tensile strength, breaking strength, maximum elongation, and reduction in area. These measurements serve as the basis for determining additional properties such as Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, yield strength, and the characteristics of strain hardening.

Besides these properties, you can even check different properties of the materials including:

  • Toughness: The total area under the stress-strain curve, indicating the energy absorption capability before fracturing.
  • Ductility: This property will determine the percentage of elongation at fracture.

These are other properties that can be tested using this high-quality testing equipment. If you want a live demo for this testing machine, you can give us a call at +919210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will help solve all your queries.

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