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How to Place Specimen Accurately in Dart Impact Tester?

Testing the impact strength of packaging materials like plastic films is of utmost importance to evaluate the toughness of packaging material. These plastic films are used in various applications like sacks, packets, adaptable bundling, etc. Thus, determining the impact strength of plastic films is the utmost important part of determining its strength. This can easily be done with the help of the Presto dart impact testerThis is one of the amazing lab testing equipment that is widely used to analyze the impact of weight on a plastic film under a particular condition to measure the effect of a free-falling dart.

When you are going to conduct the test, then it is important for you to place the specimen accurately in this lab testing equipment. In this blog, we are going to discuss the steps to place testing specimens accurately on the impact tester for films.

What is a dart impact tester and for what purpose it is used?

The Dart Impact Tester from Presto is extensively used to assess the impact of weight on a plastic sheet under specific conditions in order to determine the effect of a free-falling dart. The free-falling dart's weight destroys the materials like plastic sheets. In the plastics industry, this impact strength tester is commonly used to determine the stability and strength of plastic films and other related goods.

It has been provided with an electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism to avoid any type of interference in force exertion. It can hold a weight of up to 2kgs and this machine has been provided with a digital counter to evaluate the number of falls performed in a single test. This dual clamping device has been provided with wrinkle-free clamping of the test specimen. A shielding mechanism is also included with the machine to prevent the dart from bouncing back out when it hits the ground.

Thus, you can easily evaluate the test strength of plastic films with this impact tester for laminatesThe main purpose of this lab testing instrument is to determine that the plastic films will be strong enough to provide the best protection to the products packaged within. One of the biggest and major forces that a plastic film has to bear is freely falling weights. The dart impact test method is one of the major testing methods that are used for testing the strength of the films and their ability to bear impact from a freely falling dart.

Let’s discuss the features and technical specifications of the dart impact tester.

Features of Presto dart impact tester

The dart impact tester works by dropping a certain diameter and weight dart from a set height on a test specimen. The dart is dropped using an electromagnetic hold and release mechanism, which eliminates the possibility of human mistakes in the test results. Below we have listed the features of this lab testing equipment that makes it unique from other brands.

  • The machine is constructed of a rigid metal base plate.
  • This testing instrument comprises strong electromagnetic dart holders.
  • Offers fast, reliable, and highly précised measurements from uneven heights.
  • The machine is provided with a calibration certificate perceptible to NABL and supplied with an Instruction Manual.
  • The instrument is painted with gray and blue combination paint and plated with bright chrome plating to offer a corrosion-resistant finish.

Technical Specifications of Presto dart impact tester

  • This testing instrument is incorporated with a clamp to fix the specimen having an inner diameter of 127mm
  • The machine works on the principle of the electromagnetic release mechanism.
  • The height of the free-falling dart can be set on the scale at a maximum height of 1524 mm.
  • The diameter of the dart head is 38mm and 50.8 mm as per the requirement.
  • This testing instrument has a digital counter.
  • It works on the power of 220 V AC, Single Phase.
  • The size of the machine is 415 x500 x2153 mm

With these technical specifications, it will be easy for you to determine the dart impact value of the materials like plastic films. Now, let us focus on the easy steps to place the specimen accurately in a dart impact tester.

Steps to place the specimen accurately on dart impact tester

When a dart is thrown from a given height, the weight of the dart transfers a certain amount of energy to the specimen, which is firmly stretched and clamped. A low-quality specimen will fail and rupture under specific conditions. As a result, you must ensure that the specimen is clamped properly in order to obtain very reliable test results. Below we have listed some crucial steps that you must follow in order to place the specimen accurately on this lab testing instrument.

  • Take a specimen of the plastic film the user want to test with the dimensions that allow the specimen to flow out of the clamping unit for at least 25 mm.
  • Remove the outer clamping ring and separate it from the unit.
  • Now place the specimen on the inner clamping ring.
  • Put the back of the outer clamping ring in its place.
  • After placing the specimen, insert the pipe from the vacuum pump into the vacuum pressure ports and plug the vacuum pump into a 3 pin 5 amp socket.

By following these crucial steps, you will be able to place the specimen accurately on this lab testing instrument. Make sure that the specimen does not have any wrinkles. The specimen must be completely wrinkle-free during the test. We are considered to be the leading manufacturers of drop testers in India that provide you best price of it. Give us a call at +91-9210903903 or email us at to know more information like drop tester pricediscounts, or FREE sample testing session details. Our team of technical experts will easily assist you regarding all your queries.

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