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Importance Of Bursting Factor For Packaging Containers

Importance Of Bursting

The products that are used in domestic fields, as well as the industrial fields, have to be packaged in some sort of packaging so that they could be shipped easily and with safety. This is why the packaging materials are tested to their best to ensure that their quality is able to bear the conditions they face during shipping and storage. One of the most commonly used material for the packaging containers is corrugated board. There are many different factors that are to be tested in order to ensure the best quality of the packaging containers such as the strength stiffness, hardness, compression value and so forth. The bursting factor is also an important property for any packaging materials that is used in industries.

What is bursting factor?

The bursting factor is a value that is obtained by dividing the bursting strength by the GSM of the paper or corrugated board. The Bursting strength of material is determined with the help of a test procedure on an instrument called bursting strength tester.  The bursting strength of the materials greatly depends on the structure of the material such as the quality of the fiber used for manufacturing, method of manufacturing, use of different types of fillers and many other factors affect the bursting strength of the material.

Why is Bursting factor important for packaging?

The bursting factor can be very helpful in determining the strength and durability of the container and hence can be used for quality assurance purposes.  For products, it is essential to provide the best quality of packaging and the features like bursting factor help the manufacturers in choosing the best material for packaging of the products. If you pick a weaker packaging box with the lower bursting factor, then it might face failure during some violent moments or harsh handling.

Presto offers very efficiently bursting strength testers that are efficient enough in providing the accurate test results for bursting strength of material along with its bursting factor which eventually helps the manufacturers in choosing the best quality of packaging containers.

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