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Points To Consider While Selecting a Packaging Container For Your Products

Packaging Container

When you are selecting a packaging container for your products, you need to be very careful in selection as there are many factors that may affect the safety of the products. The quality of packaging containers is very important factors that can affect the safety of the packaged products during the process of transportation and storage. There are many different factors that one must consider before selecting a packaging container for their products. Here are some of the essential points to consider.


The packaging materials can be manufactured suing many different materials such as paper, cardboard, corrugated box and many others. Every material has different and unique attributes hence; every material has different applications. The selection of the material mainly depends on the type of product to be packed in the container. For example for the heavy product, corrugated boxes are used whereas lighter products can be packed in cardboard boxes.

Box compression strength

The box compression strength will be a major attribute to consider for any material. The box compression strength can be used for determining the effect of the compressive forces that will be exerted on the package when it is stacked during storage and transportation.  The box compression of the material depends on many different factors such as the design of the box, the size of the box, shape of the box, etc.

Edge crush value

The ECT edge crush tester is a short column test which is performed on the materials to determine the effect of the vertical compression on them.  The edge crush value is a great indicator of the strength of the material that is being used in the manufacturing of the packaging containers. The edge crush test also helps in predicting the box compression value of the container hence it is essential to determine the edge crush value. This cane b done with the help of the instrument called edge crush tester.

Bursting strength

The bursting strength of material is responsible for defining the strength and quality of the materials. A material with a good bursting strength will be able to endure the forces that are applied to it. Determining the bursting strength of the materials can give an exact idea of how much bursting force a material can bear before it fails. In this way, the users can choose the best packaging materials for their products.

Presto, a leading name in the field of testing instrument manufacture and supply, offers a wide range of testing instruments for packaging materials that are best for analyzing the strength and quality of the materials to a great accuracy and precision.

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