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Provide the Best Safety to the Products with Leakage-Free Packaging

The leakage in the packaging containers is a major problem that can be a big threat to the safety of different products. The manufacturers of packaging cartons and containers need to ensure that there are no chances of leakage in the containers so that the products could be transported in a safe manner to different places. The best way to ensure that the products are completely leakage free is to conduct the vacuum leak test on them. The manufacturers can use vacuum leak tester for the purpose of testing the leak integrity of the products with great accuracy. The instrument can give the analysis of the quality of the products.

The vacuum leak tester uses a high amount of vacuum in the desiccators to test any presence of leakage or pinholes in the packaging containers. The test specimen is placed in the desiccator, and then the vacuum is created in it. This vacuum causes the test specimen to decompress when there is a leakage present in the specimen.

Highlights of Presto’s Vacuum Leak Tester

  1. The instrument is designed for accurate testing results.
  2. The instrument is in strict compliance with the quality standards such as ASTM D 4991.
  3. The instrument comes with two different sized desiccators for testing of varying sizes of the specimen.

Technical Information of Presto Vacuum Leak Tester

  1. The instrument can be used for creating a vacuum from 0 to 600 mm of hg.
  2. The least count of the instrument is 10 mm of hg.
  3. The sizes of the desiccators provided with the instrument are 150 mm and 300 mm.

The vacuum leak tester supplied by Presto is widely used in the packaging industries for testing the quality of the packaging cartoons and containers for best safety of the products that are packaged using these containers.

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