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Role of Melt Flow Index in Quality Assurance of the Products

Plastic is one of the most widely used material in different applications in different industries as well as for domestic applications. The plastic is so extensively used that a lot relies on the quality of the products that are delivered to the clients and cutworms. The manufacturers of the plastic products need to ensure that the test the quality of the products with the help of instruments such as melt flow index testers they manufacture for best quality assurance to the customers.

The melt flow volume of a plastic material is one of the most prominent indicators of various properties of plastics. The manufacturers use this property of plastics to analyze many other properties of plastics and ensure a better quality of the products.

Quality controls with MFI

The role of MFI is very prominent in the quality control of the plastic materials and products. The MFI or MFR has used major criteria for material acceptance in industries for the manufacturing process. The Melt Flow Rate of the specimen is inversely proportional to the molecular weight of the material. The material with a higher MFI will be easier to process, but it may lower the other properties of the material such as impact resistance due to the lower molecular weight of the material. When the MFI of an incoming material is conducted in the industries, it indicates if there is any degradation in the quality of the products quality during the transportation process. The melt flow index test of the material also helps the manufacturers of plastic resins to introduce necessary changes in the manufacturing process to ensure the best quality of the material.

The Melt flow index tester offered by Presto is a very efficient testing instrument that is used by most of the plastic manufacturers to determine the melt flow index of the materials with great accuracy and ensure best quality assurance of the products.

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