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Testing the Bursting Strength of Garment Bags

Garment Bags

The garment bags are utilized to pack the fabrics in a good condition. These bags are utilized in many areas. They have a domestic use to keep dry-cleaned fabrics or heavy party wears in proper conditions to get rid of any dirt and wrinkles on them. Also some people keep fabrics wrapped in garment bags so that they can be out of the hand of insects and rodents. Other that this the bags are used in dry-cleaning shops where after washing, cleaning and pressing of the clothes they are hanged properly within the garment bags. These bags are prone to burst out easily so they must be tested for their bursting strength using a unique bursting strength tester.

In big shops where plenty amount of fabrics are rolled or organised in shelves, the shopkeepers keep them safe in garment bags and when customers ask them to show a particular piece they take it out of the plastic. And after the showing they keep it back in there. So you see people rely on these bags so much that they don’t want their new or clean fabrics out of them at any cost. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the manufacturers of such bags to ensure that they can be trusted in any conditions.


The garments bags are subjected to hanging stress or tension when they are hanged on hangers on the racks or in the cupboard. They face bursting vertical pressure when they are sealed with some amount of air inside. In this case if something bangs on the inflated surface which is already stretched, the boom it will straightaway burst out. Hence it is very important to test the plastic material used to manufacture the garment bags for its bursting strength.

Bursting strength tester is a unique testing instrument which can easily and very accurately calculates the bursting strength of plastic sheets which are used in the garment bags. You just need to cut out a sample in a circular shape similar to the instrument base and then place it over the testing platform. After which the specimen plastic sheets will be clamped strongly so that it ensure no slippage. The sample from bottom will be given an inflated pressure using the diaphragm and form above using the compression plate. This machine is operated manually but the digit and pneumatic models are also available.

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