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The Best Option to Eliminate Metamerism

Importance of Color uniformity

The color of the material is a major factor that defines its appearance and has a great impact on the customers mind. A problem with colors is that they appear different in different conditions. Even if there is a simple difference in the lighting conditions, it will lead to a change in the appearance of the colors. This phenomenon is known as metamerism.

What is Metamerism?

The appearance of a color is basically dependent on the reflected wavelength of light that has been falling on it. Every light has a particular spectrum of wavelength hence when different lights with varying wavelength fall on a surface; the same color appears differently. This is the reason why many products have a different appearance when they are subjected to different light conditions. The phenomenon of metamerism can be very dangerous for the quality of several products where color is of high priority. If the color of a products keeps changing with the changes in the light conditions, then it will greatly impact the decisions of the buyers to buy that product.

Solution to Metamerism

The only solution to cure metamerism in material or products is to match it by placing under different lights with different color temperature. Once the products are matched under different lights, then it will appear the same regardless of the lighting conditions. In order to match the products or samples under different light, the color matching cabinet offers the best options. It is a wooden cabinet with six different light fitted in it that are used for creating desired lighting conditions. The instrument allows the users to test the appearance of the samples under a single or multiple light sources. With the help of Color matching cabinets, the users can ensure that their products have uniform appearance under different lighting conditions.

Presto offers one of the finest quality color matching cabinets to the company that are equipped with six different light sources which help the manufacturers in testing their product in different lighting conditions and eliminate metamerism from the products.

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