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ASTM D4991 Vacuum Leak Test Machine for Rigid Plastic Packaging

 Vacuum Leak Test Machine

Rigid Plastic packaging which includes solid forms of packaging which involves containers, boxes, etc. This particular sector of packaging is the most demanded line of products as they are expected to deliver the maximum protection against external forces or environmental changes securing the inside product. Poor quality containers may generate leak due to experiencing pressure while getting loaded one over the other, or at high altitudes face pressure difference. No manufacturer can control the quality as such but what can be done is checking the performance of the material and choose wisely.

ASTM D4991 test method is used for testing the leak integrity of the Rigid Plastic Containers. This test method without modification to the closure or to the body of the container can check its quality. This test method may be used for testing rigid containers intended for the transportation of some liquids by air. It is considered best for testing paper cap seals as they are the most vulnerable while transporting. Their leaks can cause damage to the entire packaging.

The Presto leak detector and seal trustworthiness testing unit is an excellent machine that comprises of a reasonable acrylic vacuum tank (chamber) and framework, from the fittings to the stand, the identifier uses strong working parts to keep away from breakage and guarantee the most noteworthy of norms. Through our progressively productive plan, our leak identifier has less disappointments and potential framework air spills.

It is equipped with HMI based touch screen for display of test values with high accuracy. The chamber is composed of Strong, transparent material. It is durable for long time use and can handle pressure differential.

Rigid Packaging requiring testing are just set free acrylic vacuum tank (chamber) of water, the top is shut and vacuum locked in. You would then be able to pick which testing strategy to utilize dependent on your organization’s gauges and prerequisites. A total test can be cultivated in simply an issue of seconds with prompt outcomes! Completely Automatic control to improve repeatability and take information procurement for the different tests. Exactness is improved by a decrease in conceivable administrator mistake over the standard physically worked framework.

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