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Calculate GSM Value of Paper Bags Rapidly and Accurately

Our growing concern for our environment has led to an increase in the demand for recyclable products, especially, paper bags used for packaging applications. Since they fulfil most packaging requirements, paper bag manufactures must ensure the high-quality and strength of their products. For this purpose, one must conduct quality control test and one of the most primary steps in this is – calculating the GSM value of Paper. This test can be accurately conducted using a GSM kit.

You may have observed gross variations in thickness parameter of paper bags. The bags which we get at the supermarket are not as thick and strong as the ones received at some branded stores. The difference in the thickness is decided by the manufacturers depending upon use. The variation of thickness and weight in the paper material decides the application and whether or not the product matches the requirement of the consumer. In order to evaluate the thickness accurately, one must use a device which faster and accurate. The GSM kit can help with both requirements.

This kit includes a GSM round cutter which is used to cut the paper material in a circular shape with high accuracy so weighing can be done with no errors. Please note that accurate cut out of the paper sample is very essential. This is the major mistake which many manufacturers commit. If the testing sample is not precisely cut, it will give faulty results.

This is why we suggest that for accurate results, one must use the cutter provided in the kit along with weighing machine and achieve high consistency and precision. The cutter is equipped with imported German designed bladed for long time run and faster precise cutting. It cuts a specimen of 100 sq. cm repeatedly for every form of paper.

The other part of the kit is the weighing balance, which is used to calculate the weight of the paper. The GSM Kit is digitally controlled and is highly accurate in determining the test results. For testing, you need to first cut-out the sample and then place the same on the weighing balance. With the calculated weight, you can extract the GSM value of that paper sample.

This time-tested machine is trusted world-over since it has been designed and manufactured in accordance with high-quality international standards.

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