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How to perform peel tests on BOPP roll tape?

peel tests

If you are working in the packaging industry, then you must know the role of BOPP packaging films is vast. These packaging films will help the manufacturers in delivering the products accurately to the customers. With peel strength tester, manufacturers can easily test the peel ability of BOPP roll tape and ensure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers.

Our digital peel strength tester has been designed with highly advanced features that make it easy for manufacturers to conduct peel strength tests on the materials. From testing the bond adhesive strength of coated materials to testing the peeling strength of laminates, manufacturers can easily conduct peel strength tests with the help of this advanced testing instrument.

In this blog, we will discuss a briefly how you can easily perform peel strength tests on BOPP roll tapes with the help of this quality testing instrument. We will also discuss the importance of conducting peel strength tests on the BOPP roll tapes. So, let us get started!

Easy to follow steps for performing peel strength tests on BOPP roll tapes

Testing the peel strength of BOPP roll tapes is important for evaluating the bond performance of the materials to ensure reliable packaging needs.

If you want to test the peel ability of BOPP packaging tapes, then you can follow the easy-to-follow steps that are mentioned below.

  • The first step involves taking the strip of BOPP packaging tape and preparing the specimen for conducting the test.

  • You can easily prepare the specimen as per the template provided with the testing machine.

  • Now dip one end of the strip into a toluene solution up to 25 mm. This will delaminate that area of the strip. You can apply these 4 steps to prepare the testing specimen accurately for the peel strength test.
  • This two-ended strip needed to be placed in between the grips for testing. You can easily conduct a peel strength test on the testing specimen for the peel adhesion test.
  • Once the sample is prepared, place the specimen accurately between the upper fixed grips and tighten the grip accurately.

  • Now, you can bring the lower movable grip upwards so that the specimen will precisely reach the grips. Make sure that the minimum distance should be 25mm in the lower grip position.
  • Now place the lower end of the specimen between the lower grips and tighten the grip firmly.

  • Once the specimen is placed, then you can easily commence the test.

Now, let us discuss the benefits of conducting peel strength tests on BOPP roll tapes.

Benefits of conducting peel strength test on BOPP roll tapes

When it comes to ensuring the quality and performance of BOPP roll tapes, conducting a peel strength test is crucial. This test measures the force required to separate the adhesive tape from its backing material. By evaluating the peel strength, manufacturers can determine if their tapes meet industry standards and customer expectations.

Below we have listed the benefits of conducting peel tests on BOPP rolling tapes.

  • A strong adhesive bond between the tape and its backing ensures that it will stay securely in place when applied to different surfaces. This is especially vital in applications where tape failure could lead to product damage or safety hazards.
  • Conducting this test also aids in identifying any potential issues with manufacturing processes or materials used.
  • Another benefit of performing a peel strength test is that it allows for consistent quality control throughout production runs. Each batch of BOPP roll tapes must adhere to specific requirements regarding minimum acceptable levels of peel strength.
  • In addition to quality control purposes, conducting a peel strength test also provides valuable insights for product development and improvement efforts.

These are some amazing benefits, one will get while conducting peel strength tests. You can also read more on top lab testing instruments for conducting quality tests on tapes and labels.

If you want to know more about the price of a peel tester or want to take a free sample testing session then you can give us a call at +91-9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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