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Testing The Strength Of Paper With Best Accuracy With Bursting Strength Testing

Strength Of Paper

In packaging industries, there is a variety of materials used for making different types of packaging products.The manufacturers need to provide the best quality of the packaging to the customers so that the products could be stored and transported safely. One of the most prevalent materials in packaging industries is the paper. The paper is used for manufacturing of different types of packaging materials. To ensure that the right strength of papers is used in the manufacturing of the products, its bursting strength must be known properly. The manufacturers can easily determine the strength of the paper with the help of a paper testing instrument called bursting strength tester.

The bursting strength tester finds the maximum amount of force that can be applied to a paper by a rubber diaphragm without the failure of the paper sample. The specimen is tightly held in a clamping device, and the force is applied through a rubber diaphragm, from beneath the sample. The amount of load applied to the sample is recorded in the load indicator. This gives the bursting strength of the paper.

After determining the bursting strength of the paper, the burst factor is calculated through the given formula-

Bursting Strength = (Bursting Factor x GSM)/ 1000

Key Features of the Bursting Strength Tester

1. The instrument can be used for testing the bursting strength of different materials such as paper, corrugated sheets,cardboard boxes, fabrics and so forth.
2. The instrument is provided with strong gripping clamps.
3. The Liquid used for exerting the pressure on the specimen is glycerin.
4. The instrument has a single push button operation.
5. Microprocessor based digital load indicator is used for load display.

Technical Highlights of Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester

1. The instrument is capable of exerting a maximum pressure of 40 kg/cm2.
2. The least count of the bursting strength tester is 0.1 kg/cm2.
3. The instrument is in compliance with quality testing standards IS 1060, IS 1966,TAPPI 810, EN 20187.
4. The instrument is available in five different models that are Analogue model, a digital model, digital computerized, Pneumatic model, and pneumatic computerized model.
5. The instrument works on an electrical power supply of 220 volts, 50 Hz AC.

With the help of accurate calculation of bursting strength of the packaging materials, the manufacturer scan ensure that the packaging products they are providing to the customers are of best quality and strength and are capable of surviving the harsh conditions of transportation. Additionally, this can be very helpful in cost saving by prevention of rejection of boxes.

The presto’s Bursting Strength Tester is a very easy to use instrument that yields highly accurate testing results.

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