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top load tester

Top-load testing is primarily performed to evaluate the compressive strength of plastic containers. In order to ensure that the PET Bottle or plastic container can withstand the pressure experienced during filling, capping, storage and transportation, it is necessary for manufacturers to use a top load tester for evaluation of quality and strength.

Importance of Top Load Testing
Performed on blow moulded, thermoformed or injection moulded plastics, Top load testing is done to ensure that the container does not deform or break when subjected to axial forces.  It is also known as “crush testing” or “compressive strength testing”

Top Load Tester

Top-load tester is widely used to evaluate the structural resistance of a packaging material, when it is subjected to a compressive load. The force is applied to the point of deformation or collapse. Such forces are experienced by the containers during the processes of filling, closure, storage and transport.

It is avaiable in two models: Computerized Top Load Tester and Digital Top Load Tester.

Why is Top Load Testing Performed?

A standard method of obtaining data to set acceptance or rejection specifications, a Top Load Tester is extensively used for the following purpose:

  • Quality control,
  • Research and development, and
  • Special designs.

Product Protection - It’s very necessary that the packaging for consumable goods should provide adequate product protection - such that PET bottles, cans, and cartons are strong enough to withstand the compressive forces incurred during handling, transportation, and storage.

Capping Pressure - Additionally, in case of beverage containers, manufacturers need to ensure that containers have sufficient strength to tolerate the capping process.


Another cause for concern commomnly faced by manufacturers is the process of lightweighting. Lightweighting is a process used by packaging manufacturers to reduce the overall weight of the package.  For this purpose the existing packaging is adjusted and redesigned such that its overall weight is reduced, but strength and performance is not compromised in any way.

This is achieved by reducing the raw material volume used in packaging. The aim of lightweighting is to reduce cost byt using less raw materials. However, packaging  does not result in poor quality, weaker containers that fail and collapse during their life cycle.

Thus, for the purpose of reliably determining container integrity – Top Load Testing is one of the most accurate methods. Packaging manufacturers use top-load testing to ensure packaging integrity, and to eliminate material excess while maintaining quality.

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