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Enhance the product sturdiness against bursting with Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester

The paper quality and the quality of other similar products should be ensured so that the products remain safe during transportation. The bursting test determines the maximum amount of pressure a material can take before it bursts. 

A bursting Strength tester machine is required to check the product's quality so that high-quality products are delivered to the customers. We at Presto believe in manufacturing top-notch lab equipment and a digital bursting strength tester is one of them. Presto is a customer-centric company, and its priority is customers. Thus, it manufactures lab equipment with high-end features that meet the expectations of the customers.

Walkthrough the importance of Bursting Test Machine

In the packaging industries, checking the bursting strength of the materials is crucial to assess the quality of the packaging of the products. When a material can withstand pressure, that material is suitable for packing the products. This is a very efficient and widely used method to check the bursting strength in the paper and packaging industries. Thus, a bursting strength tester is used to perform a bursting test on paper. 

Bursting Test Machine
The Presto bursting strength tester has been developed according to the set standards so that accurate results get recorded while performing the test. Any type of variation in the results can impact the quality of the products. It will not meet the customer expectations and might result in loss of customers as well.

The Presto bursting strength tester evaluates the bursting strength of corrugated boxes, cardboard, and many other related products. It is widely used for checking the durability of the cardboard. Hence, it should be ensured that the bursting strength of the cardboard is checked accurately to avoid any damage to the products during transportation.

Significance of bursting strength tester against bursting for cardboard

Cardboards are widely used for packaging purposes. Hence, it is essential to carry out the bursting test on cardboard to ensure that products inside the boxes do not get damaged during the transportation or storage process. 

Some of the reasons to perform bursting strength test on cardboards:

  • Sometimes, the stress of handling the products or loading them in the vehicles cannot be taken by the cardboard packaging. It can cause harm to people involved in the loading process and damage to the products as well. Hence, testing them against bursting is critical to ensure safe delivery of the products.
  • The rate of product rejections also decreased since the good quality products were delivered to the customers. Moreover, on-time delivery is also made since there is no collapse of the cardboard when they are in transit. When end customers receive quality products on time, they are less likely to return the products. It saves the time of both manufacturers and customers and makes the entire process cost-efficient.
  • Quality products will be delivered to the customers when proper bursting strength tests are done and less damage to the packaging will happen when the products are in transit. Companies will be able to acquire more customers as well.

The steps to be followed to perform a bursting strength test on the materials

bursting strength test

You can follow the steps mentioned below to conduct a bursting strength test.

  • Once the specimen is placed properly in the bursting strength tester, you need to press the "Push for Burst" button. The button should not be released until the specimen bursts.
  • The bursting value will be displayed.
  • Once the specimen bursts, there will be a sound of buzzing from the machine and the display will freeze and hold the peak value. You need to release the "Push for Burst" button immediately as the specimen bursts to record the accurate results.
  • The load indicator will show the bursting strength of the specimen.

Minimizing the rejection rates with bursting strength tester

bursting strength tester

When the packaging materials are tested against bursting then the quality products are delivered to the customers since packaging will not get damaged while products are in transit and products in good condition will be received by the end customers on time.

It will lead to a decrease in rejection rates by the customers. Moreover, it will increase the number of customers for that brand. Thus, it is required to perform to bursting strength test to enhance customer loyalty which will in return increase the revenues for the companies.

The brand image of the companies will also improve when the company is committed to delivering the right products to the customers and the quality products will be delivered when their packaging is up to the mark and it does not collapse during delivery.

Why Presto?

Presto is a leading lab equipment which complies with the set standards. Its products are calibrated for one year and are NABL-approved. The calibration certificate is also provided at the time of purchase. Installation of the machines is done by Presto engineers only.

Furthermore, Presto offers the best post-sales services worldwide. No third-party service is given. Service engineers from Presto only will come to assist you if you encounter any issues after the installation. Local service engineers will come to you to help you in the best possible ways. Visit of local service engineers will remove any kind of language barrier issues. There will be no repeated visits as there is a provision of one-go problem-solving. Proper training is also given at the time of the installation of the equipment. 


In this blog, we have discussed the bursting strength tester thoroughly. Its importance and the steps that are required to follow to perform the test have been discussed in detail. Moreover, a bursting strength tester ensures that quality products are delivered to the customers.

We at Presto manufacture top-notch lab equipment and the bursting strength tester is one of them. Customers can avail of it at reasonable prices from Presto. Customers can call at +91-9210903903 or drop an e-mail at to learn more about the product. The team of technical experts from Presto will assist you in the best possible ways.  

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