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Evaluate the Absorption Level of Corrugated Sheets & Paper with Cobb Tester

Cobb Tester

The corrugated sheets, paper & corrugated boxes are the prime choice for manufacturers when it comes to shipping products & items from one place to another. Since we live in a country with extreme climatic conditions, it becomes vital to assess the quality of products under certain environmental conditions.

Cobb tester

The corrugated sheets, paper & boxes can never be constructed as waterproof products which makes it extremely difficult for manufacturers of products especially electronic devices and perishable items as they will get contaminated once they come in contact with water.

To avoid such issues, especially in the rainy parts of the country with such diverse atmospheric conditions, these corrugated boxes are made with certain water resistance properties imbibed in them. The manufacturers hesitate a little before getting their hands on these packaging materials until & unless they are certified by various standards.

To bridge the gap between the standard compliances and the manufacturers, The Presto Group has come with a lab testing instrument called the Cobb tester. The Cobb tester is an extremely ergonomic lab testing instrument that is designed to evaluate the water absorption level of paper, corrugated sheets & boxes.

It is necessary to take a look at the functioning procedure of the Cobb value tester.

Functioning Process of Cobb Tester

The Cobb tester is a top-notch & ergonomic lab testing instrument with an extremely simplistic working module that allows the manufacturer to quickly perform testing with absolute ease and finesse for achieving highly accurate results repeatedly.

process of cobb tester

To perform the test, it is highly necessary to condition the specimen beforehand. The operator must cut the paper or the corrugated sheet in a circular shape. The diameter of the paper must not exceed the size of the rubber pad, designed as a sample positioning platform.

The size of the rubber pad is 145 mm which is greater than that of the cylinder for testing to ensure uniform distribution of water over the surface of the specimen.

It is also necessary that the operator weighs the specimen before the conduction of the test to compare the difference between the before & after test weights of the specimen which are necessary to be calculated for calculating the absorption level after the test.

The specimen must be placed correctly on the rubber pad and the rubber pad needs to be clamped with the cylinder with the help of the rotary screws associated with the lab testing instrument itself. The operator must make sure that the specimen is clamped firmly to avoid leakage of water during the process of testing.

Once the specimen is firmly clamped, the operator can pour water onto the specimen within the cylinder. The water can range from 10 ml to 25 ml depending upon the referred standard compliance as well as the specimen being tested.

cobb test machine

The Cobb test continues for 1-10 minutes which also depends upon the referred standard and its compliances. It is important to make sure that the water should not be stagnant for long in order to assess the true absorption level of the specimen.

The operator can now simply eliminate the water by releasing the cylinder with the base tightening screw. After the water is poured out, the specimen is unclamped with the rubber pad. To brush off the extra water on the specimen and determine the correct Cobb value, it is necessary to use the additional roller (weighing 10kg) over the specimen. The roller must complete a lap of going forward and backward over the specimen.

The operator can now simply weigh the specimen. Since the operator is aware of the paperweight (Pw) before the Cobb test and paperweight after the Cobb test, the operator can simply use a formula to attain the true Cobb value of the sample:

Cobb Value = [Pw (after Cobb test) – Pw (Before Cobb test)] X 100.

This is how the Cobb tester functions and evaluates the correct value of the absorption level of the specimen.

cobb testing

The instrument is equipped with certain features that streamline the process and enable the manufacturer of the specimen to achieve accurate results by performing single-handed promotions.

Features of the Cobb Tester

The Cobb tester has certain necessary features that ensure the testing is hassle-free and promotes the accuracy-driven approach of the Cobb tester manufacturer.

The instrument is equipped with a robust construction of lab-grade stainless steel that ensures anti-corrosive properties within the instrument to make sure that the equipment stays free from construction for a long period of time.

cobb testing machine

The instrument is provided with an additional accessory of roller weight (10 kg). The roller ensures that there should be no extra water on the specimen by brushing it off, achieving highly accurate test results.

The instrument is designed with compliance of various standards which has generated a sense of assurance among manufacturers and consumers of corrugated sheets & boxes. The testing standards referred to are ISO 1060 &TAPPI T-441.

The instrument also comes with water level indicators for an easy pouring of water as per the requirement of the specimen. This feature acts as a great assistant for the operator.

The clamping mechanism of the instrument has a rugged surface to ensure no slippage of the specimen. The clamping mechanism is offered with an extremely fast-locking mechanism to expedite the testing process.

The instrument is built as a lightweight lab testing equipment with a resilient finish to enhance the maneuverability of the instrument.

Buy Cobb Tester Right Away

You can get your hands on the ergonomically designed lab testing instrument right away by reaching out to us on our website. Do not wait any further and place an order by placing a phone call at +91 9210903903 or simply e-mail us your feedback at

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The Presto Group feels delighted to assist customers with highly advanced lab testing instrument that ensures quality and assist manufacturers in achieving great heights by staying a step ahead of the competitors. Buy Cobb Tester Today.

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