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How Top Load Testing Can be Helpful in Packaging Industry

The consumable products need to be packaged efficiently so that they remain untouched and unaffected by any type of external effects. If the packaging of the food products is not intact or efficient, then there are more chances of that material to get adulterated or contaminated. The packaging materials need to be strong enough to ensure that no external factor is able to enter them. Additionally, they should also be able to bear the loaded forces so that they do not deform or break during stacking.

The packaging materials such as Pet bottles, cans and cartons need to be tested for their behavior when they are subjected to loads of stacking. The Top load testing helps the manufacturers in testing the strength of the packaging materials when there is extreme load applied on them.

The top-load testing of a product is used for analyzing of the strength of the products and study the behavior of the materials when they are subjected to the actual working condition. In addition to that, the manufacturers can also evaluate the top load value of material so that they could determine the scope for down-gauging of products. Downgauging of the products is done by reducing the material used in the manufacturing of the product so that it could become light Weight, and also it becomes profitable for the manufacturers to manufacture that product.

The Top Load Tester that is provided by Presto Stantest is one of the most efficient and accurate testing instrument to analyze the strength and durability of the packaging materials such as PET bottles, soft drink cans, etc. and ensure their best quality.

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