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Importance of Edge Crush Test

ECT or edge crush tester is a very common tester performed in the carton manufacturing units. And it is not only common but important as well. This test is certainly not possible without using any machinery. Edge crush tester is used to perform the test. The machine is designed strictly according to the relative testing standards.  For repeated and precise test result, it is very important that the machine is designed according to the test standards. Also, for accurate test results, sample preparation is also important. The edges should be sharp and parallel cut so as to match it precisely with the perpendicular fixtures.

What is Edge Crush Tester

To test a corrugated fibre board, a rectangular sample of predefined dimensions is prepared. The sample is placed inside the fixture with corrugators vertical to the axis. There is a movable plate in the machine, that applies pressure from the top. The pressure will be applied until the sample deforms. The force required to deform the sensor will be displayed on the screen and considered as the crush resistance of that particular sample.

Ring crush test and flat crush test are the extension of this test. Both these tests can be performed by the same machine by just simply changing the fixtures of the machine.

Benefits of Edge Crush test

Edge crush test assures that box tested are according to the testing standards and there is no further testing is required. This assures the world wide acceptance of the products that are tested strictly according to the testing standards.

Also, to successful incorporate the box into an application, it becomes important to determine the properties of the box. This helps in deciding the loading capacity and the handling of the boxes.

To estimate the quality of the raw material that is to be used is important. The success of the product largely depends on selection of raw material. Testing before beginning the mass productions. As there is no point of conducting tests once the production has started. This assures quality to the raw material procurer, manufacturer and end customer.

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