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Detect The Dimensional Strength Of The Packaging Containers With Edge Crush Tester

The Edge Crush Test is the best laboratory test method which is used to measure the dimensional strength of the corrugated boards. It provides information on the ability of a particular board construction to resist crushing. The test provides the ability to construct high-quality of boards that can resist crushing. The test helps to conclude the compression strength of the edges of the single-walled or empty corrugated boxes from top to bottom in the testing laboratories. The edge crush resistance of the corrugated boxes is expressed in (kN/m) kilonewtons per meter.

The quality of the corrugated fiberboards can be evaluated with best material testing methods. One of the best test procedures which are used to measure the strength and quality of corrugated boxes is Edge Crush Test. The test can be performed with the help of highly effective Edge Crush Tester. The tester is used to measure the edge crush resistance and compression strength of the corrugated boxes on the basis of various properties of the board. The instrument helps to analyze the determined elements of the corrugated boxes. The test is used to measure the Edge crush strength, flexural stiffness, depth of the box, perimeter of the box, compression strength of the box. To know how the edge crush tester helps to measure following properties of corrugated boards, consult our experts.

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of testing machines, provides the best quality of Edge Crush Tester. The instrument is designed as per various standards provided by the known and reputed authorities. The instrument is easy to operate and offers highly reliable test results. To know the technical specifications of Presto’s Edge Crush Tester, contact us.

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