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Measuring Edge Crush Strength Of Corrugated Boxes Becomes Easier With Presto’s Edge Crush Tester

How to determine the strength and Quality of Corrugated Boxes

To measure the compressive strength and buckling load of corrugated boxes, measuring edge crush strength is one of the best packaging testing procedure. The edge crush strength of the corrugated boxes can be determined on the basis of various factors like,

  • The dimension and size i.e. the structural design of packaging products like flap direction, loading direction and many more.
  • Which type of packaging is appropriate for the particular product?
  • Which type of storage condition is best for the product?
  • Various properties of the corrugated boxes like stiffness, the compression strength of the boxes.

The selection of the boxes is done on the basis of the paper boards. To prevent edge crush problem in corrugated boxes, the manufacturers need to select the best quality of paperboard to develop the best quality of corrugated boxes. This property sometimes is neglected by the manufacturers due to lack of information. Hence, it is necessary to measure the strength and quality of the corrugated boxes to provide the best level of safety to the product.

The best testing instrument which is used to measure the strength of corrugated boxes is Presto’s Edge Crush Tester. The device is widely used in the packaging industry to measure the edge crush strength of the corrugated boxes. The sample product is placed on the instrument, and a compressive load is provided to the specimens to judge the maximum compression strength that a box can bear before the edges of the box crushed completely. The instrument offers highly reliable, and accurate results easily help to sort the edge crush problem in Corrugated boxes by measuring the quality and strength of the boxes.

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