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Maintain the Best Strength and Quality of Packaging Containers with Drop Tester

Containers with Drop Tester

For packaging containers, drop during handling and storage can be a very big issue that can deform and damage the containers as well as damage the products inside the containers. Due to this reason, the manufacturers of packaging containers such as corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes are always worried about the strength and quality of the packaging containers. The manufacturers have to run many different tests to determine the exact strength of the containers. The drop test is the best method to test the ability of the containers to stay safe when it is dropped from a certain height. The test procedure helps the manufacturers in evaluating the efficiency of the containers and alters their strength by making essential changes in the manufacturing process.

During the drop test, the container is placed on the platform, and the platform is taken to a specified height. From a particular raised height, the container is dropped. When the container receives an impact from the ground, this causes the deformation of the box. The container is analyzed for the extent of deformation that it had to face after the drop. This gives an idea about the strength of the containers to bear the drop impact. The test is performed on the specimen for several times to ensure the best analysis.

Key Features of Presto’s Drop Tester

  1. Highly stable performance of the instruments.
  2. High Rate OF Repeatability.
  3. Best for testing the strength of packaging boxes, jerry cans,
  4. Provided with angular drop management to assess transport worthiness from all sides.

Technical Features of Presto’s Drop Tester

  1. The height of the drop can be conveniently adjusted from 500mm to 1800 mm meter.
  2. The sample mounting area given with dimensions of 500 X 500 mm.
  3. The holders to hold the specimen are provided with different angles.
  4. The instrument complies with IS: 7028 part IV.


The application of drop tester is widely found in the packaging industries where different types of packaging containers are manufactured and designed. The drop tester ensures the best quality of the containers that are delivered to the customers for better safety assurance of the products.

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