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Measure The Compression Strength Of Corrugated Boards With Box Compression Tester

Corrugated Boards With Box

Packaging is done in all production verticals to provide the best level of safety to the products. Products are packed in various types of packaging materials like paper bags, corrugated boxes, cartons, containers and many more. At the time of transportation many types of defects occurs in these products like compression and buckling load due to compressive forces, and many more which can also affect the quality of the content which is placed in these products. Hence, the manufacturers in packaging industries need to produce high quality of products and also have to test the quality of the products they are offering to their customers via high-quality of testing instruments. One of the best test methods which are used to measure the strength and quality of corrugated boxes is Box compression test. This test can be done efficiently with the help of Box Compression Tester.  The instrument helps to measure the compressive strength of various packaging products like drums, corrugated boxes, and cans. The instrument easily calculates the relation between compressive forces vs. deformation.

The test method is widely used to evaluate the quality of shipping containers that are constructed using corrugated fiberboards, wooden crates, and boxes. Consumer packages are usually subjected to compression. Hence, it is necessary to test the compression resistance of consumer and other industrial packages.   The box compression test is a laboratory test which is performed with a special machine, box compression tester. During the test procedure of box compression tester, a controlled amount of compression pressure is applied to the test specimen. This testing procedure involves a superimposed load to test the strength of the packages.

Presto Stantest offers a high-quality of Box Compression Tester to measure the strength and quality of corrugated boxes.

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