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Moisture Meter Revolutionizes The Industry Of Paper & Packaging

Moisture content in the paper and packaging products like corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, etc. would lead to damage to the product. Moisture alters the strength of the materials and makes them more prone to breaking. As a paper product manufacturer, you know the importance of shipping accurate products to your customers. When moisture will be present inside the product, then it will destroy the product. Thus, with the help of the Presto moisture meter, you can easily check the moisture content of the paper and corrugated sheets very quickly and effectively. This testing machine will measure the moisture by sensing the electrical resistance of the hygroscopic material.

Presto Moisture Meter revolutionizes the industry of paper & packaging with a fast and accurate way to measure moisture. The Presto Moisture Meter is small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can take it anywhere! It saves time and money because it takes less than a second to get an accurate reading of any material. Here we will discuss brief information about the Presto moisture meter and how it can be helpful in improving the quality of your product.

What are the advantages of using Presto moisture meter?

Presto’s Digital Moisture Meter is used for every Paper, Corrugated Sheets, and Textile material, irrespective of its form. All materials contain water, which is expressed in terms of moisture percentage can be tested with the help of this testing instrument. It will be based on the principle that the moisture content will be measured by measuring the electrical conductivity of the material, which always is proportional to the content of the moisture.

There are several advantages you will get with the use of Presto moisture meter. We have created a list of those advantages below.

  • With the help of this test, you will be able to check the moisture levels in paper products such as cores, corrugated, Kraft stock, baled scrap paper, and other paper-based materials, fabrics, textile material.
  • The moisture tests done with Presto moisture meters are highly accurate in detecting the moisture content.
  • This moisture meter comes with a warranty that will be in force for the duration specified in this card.
  • It comes with the features like a built-in low battery indicator and auto shut-off feature that will be helpful in saving your battery life.
  • This amazing testing instrument will be able to check the moisture content so quickly and effectively that you will get accurate testing results of moisture content in the product.

These are some amazing advantages you will get with the use of the Presto moisture meter. This testing instrument has brought a revolutionary change in the paper and packaging industry with its advanced set of features. Since the readings are the result of an “average” calibration, if a high degree of accuracy is required, the meter should be checked on the specific material and corrections determined by the user. Meter readings indicate moisture content at room temperature of 70 F – 90 F and are affected by lower or higher temperatures. The meter tends to read the highest moisture content that is in contact with both pins. If thick samples are not well equalized, it may be necessary to make tests at different depths to determine the degree of uniformity of moisture distribution in the sample. If the meter is used on stock so thin that the full length of pins is not entirely embedded in the thickness of the sample, the readings tend to indicate a lower than actual moisture content. This can be overcome by testing more than one sample in stacks.

Now, let us focus on some useful tips that will help you to maintain your testing instrument with ease.

Tips to maintain Presto moisture meter

If you want to maintain the moisture meter, then you need to follow these below-mentioned tips.

  • Store your meter in a clean, dry place. The protective carrying case provided is an ideal storage place when the meter is not in use.
  • Change the 9-volt battery as needed. Continued use with a low battery may cause the meter to go out of calibration.
  • Change contact pins as needed. Keep pin retainers hand tightened.
  • Clean the meter, contact pins, and probes with any biodegradable cleaner. Use the cleaner sparingly and on the external part only.
  • Remove the battery if the meter will not be used for one month or longer.

These useful tips will definitely help you to maintain this amazing testing instrument.


Moisture meters are a crucial part of any paper and packaging business. With the help of Presto moisture meters, you can easily test the quality of material used for packaging. The Presto moisture meter will operate on the basis of electrical resistance and is one of the widely used testing instruments in the paper and packaging industry. Thus you can easily use this testing machine for determining moisture content in the paper and other packaging products. With this blog post, we’ve shared some tips on how to maintain it for best performance as well as its benefits. If you still have any questions or want more information about this product, then you can call us at +91-129-4272727 or email us at Our technical team will provide you with more details about this product.

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