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Need of Co-Efficient of Friction Tester for Plastic Industry

A coefficient-of-friction (COF) tester measures the friction of a sheet of paper, plastic film or paperboard. It helps to determine the angle of inclination at which the affixed substrate starts to slide or slip against the surface of another substrate of similar or different material.

The test data is based on the surface properties of the material like roughness and surface energy at the time of the measurement and subject to change. These factors restrict to obtain the direct correlation between two surfaces.

The initial movement of the sled is the coefficient of static friction of materials. Mainly this lab testing is useful for transportation and manufacturing in the plastic industry to avoid accidents or losses because of friction. The coefficient of friction is measured to know the degree of abuse that a plastic film can tolerate without harming the content.

Quality testing is ensured by investing in testing machines in the manufacturing unit. Presto Stantest has deep knowledge, practice, and experience in providing various technical solutions in lab testing instruments. To meet the market challenges for the packing industry, the company brings the best packaging laboratory testing instruments with various technical features.

Technical Features of Coefficient of Friction Tester

There are many factors that affect the coefficient of friction testing. The measurements include coatings, printing, and sometimes humidity too affect the testing result. Therefore, to meet such challenges, Presto presents a Co-Efficient of Friction Tester Computerised with various technical features.

  • Chip Based Display for Dynamic & Kinetic Friction
  • Motor-driven elevation
  • Simple, low-cost measurement of static COF
  • Feather Touch Control
  • Slider Angle or Coefficient of Static Friction to perform test metal or glass.

Why Presto For Packaging Laboratory Testing Instruments?

The value of your product increases when you invest in the testing instrument for product development and quality control. When your products meet the demand of the customer in terms of quality and safety, you will definitely get benefits. With Presto as your partner, you will get more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in instrument calibration from material testing experts.

Presto Group is capable of providing calibration services for most laboratory instruments through their knowledge in instrumentation for various industries. You will be getting

Guaranteed Satisfaction with our testing machines.
Accredited Calibration for quality assurance throughout the globe.
Installation & Training Services for smooth setup and training of all operations.

Presto ensures the training facility at your doorstep. Get the cost-effective testing instruments that are best to provide accurate result on testing. Connect with us at +91-9210 903 903 or get a competitive quotation at

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