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Test the glossiness of materials with the Presto gloss meter

The appearance of any product is the first thing that a potential customer notices. This initial impression often has a significant impact on the customer's buying decision. A product that looks appealing is more likely to be purchased than one that appears dull or lackluster. As a result, it is important for manufacturers to ensure that their products have a high level of gloss.

Glossiness is an important visual cue that can make a product appear more attractive and valuable. There are a variety of ways to test for glossiness, and it is important to select the method that best suits your needs. By doing so, you can ensure that your products make a positive first impression and stand out from the competition. Thus, we at Presto have come up with one of the effective lab testing equipment that helps to test the glossiness of materials with ease. It is widely used in the paper, packaging, paint, and plating industry, to test the glossiness of the surface with ease. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with the information about gloss meter and how this lab testing instrument is helpful in testing the glossiness of the surface. So, let us get started!

What is a gloss meter triangle and for what purpose you must use it?

The gloss meter tri-angle is a portable testing instrument that is designed to examine the gloss reflection on the surface of the material. It is used in the paper and packaging industry to measure the gloss of the papers and packaging films when placed in different lighting conditions at different angles to test the shiny appearance, brightness, and quality of the materials. The instruments are equipped with two sensors which are placed at different angles of the specimen.

You can easily measure the glossiness of the materials at different angles with the help of this lab testing equipment. By using this lab testing equipment, you will be able to enhance the glossiness of materials with ease.

The glossiness of the materials will easily be tested at different angles like 20 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 75 degrees, and many others. When you measure the glossiness of materials at different angles, then it will be easy for you to measure the glossiness of the surface with ease.

It is essential for the manufacturers to ensure the right level of gloss offered by the packaging materials so that the right features of quality of the products could be conveyed to the customers. The high-gloss packaging showcases the products' features in an attractive way, while a low-gloss finish gives a more subdued look. A matte finish, on the other hand, can give a chic and sophisticated feel to the packaging. However, it is important to note that too much gloss can make the packaging look cheap and tacky. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right balance in order to create packaging that accurately reflects the quality of the product. You can easily measure the glossiness of the surface with ease with the use of this lab testing equipment.

Features of Presto gloss meter 

The gloss meter is a widely used instrument used for testing the amount of gloss offered by the surface. The gloss of a surface greatly depends on many different factors. These factors include the color used on the surface, the quality of the color, the finish given to the color, the material of the surface, the texture of the surface, and so forth. A good quality glossy surface usually has a high value and impact value. Whenever you test the glossiness of the surface then you need to take care of some factors that will affect the glossiness of the surface with ease. The majority of the instruments available in the market use geometrical or optical methods for measuring the gloss. Below we have listed the advanced features of the Presto gloss meter.

  • Triple angle measurements simultaneously are possible with the instrument.
  • Multi-group testing data can be viewed on the display screen
  • A portable testing device that offers accurate test results.
  • It works on the basis of the software with extended functions.
  • It offers precise test results.

Technical Specifications of Presto gloss measuring testing instrument

  • Measurement Area: 5x36mm for 85-degree, 9x15mm for 60-degree angles, and 10x10mm for 20-degree angles.
  • Division Value: 0.1 GU.
  • Measuring Range: 100-1000GU, 10-100GU, 0-10GU
  • Reproducibility – ± 0.5%GU, ± 0.5GU, ± 0.2GU
  • Repeatability – ± 0.2%GU, ± 0.2GU, ± 0.1GU
  • Chromaticity Correspondent: CIE 1931(2°) under CIE C light source.
  • Measurements Standard: JJG696
  • Standard Accessories: Power Adapter, User Manual, USB cable, Calibration Plate, and software CD (except basic model)

With these features and technical specifications, it will be used to test the glossiness of different surfaces with ease and provide them with the best appearance. If you want to enroll in the virtual demo for using this lab testing instrument, then you call us at +91-9210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your queries.

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