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What Are Major Properties of Paper Packaging That Needed to Be Tested?

Paper Packaging

When we say paper packing, we are also considering corrugated cartons and cardboard boxes along. As the raw material required for making cardboard is paper and pulp. And their similar properties are put to test in controlled conditions. Paper packings are widely used despite being sensitive to environmental conditions. Their re-usability, recycling, easy printing and shaping properties and cost-effectiveness make them preferred choice.

And when it comes to assessing the quality of the paper packings, the are many things to consider. Strength is the first thing when testing comes into mind. There are different methods to check the strength of the packing, like, bursting strength test, box compression test, drop test etc. But bursting strength test comes first in the list as many properties depend largely on this basic property of the material.

Bursting strength can be defined as the resistance of the material against bursting when an external force is applied. During transit, handling and storage; a corrugated box experience different kind of forces that may lead to the bursting of the fibre board. This strength directly tells about the strength and quality of the box. It can also be defined as the weight-bearing capacity of the material. Apart from testing the sanity of the material chosen, this test helps in choosing the right material for the right application.

How is Bursting Strength Test Performed?

To perform the test, a bursting strength tester is required. This machine applies a controlled pressure on the sample via a rubber diaphragm. A circular sample is cut from the raw material to be tested. This sample is clamped aptly between the annular clamps. A hydraulic pressure is created using the glycerine as the medium. The sample is clamped over the rubber diaphragm. As the hydraulic pressure increases, the rubber diaphragm expands. The diaphragm will keep in expanding until the sample ruptured. As the sample bursts, the system stores the value of pressure applied on the sample to burst it.

When it comes to measuring the strength of the paper and cardboard, the test process remains the same. However, the value of pressure applied changes. As more pressure is required to burst the cardboard sample than a paper sample. Bursting strength tester offered by Presto cam apply up to 35kg/cm2.

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