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Test the Strength of Packaging Films with Dart Impact Tester

In the packaging industry, plastic films are mostly used to pack the materials. You will see this plastic film on the packaging of food products, chemicals, and much more. The food packaging needs to be strong so that it can easily support the products. Thus, you should consider buying a dart impact tester from Presto Testing Instruments. This amazing tool is used in the paper and packaging industry to calculate the impact of a free-falling dart on plastic film.

The force that will be applied to the plastic film for testing will rupture it under specific conditions. This amazing testing tool is widely used by plastic film manufacturers to check the quality of the product they have manufactured. The test will be done in order to check the quality of the product so that it can bear the harsh conditions. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about dart impact tester and how it helps to check the quality of plastic films. So, let us get started.

How does dart impact tester help to test the strength of plastic films?

This amazing testing equipment offers the facility to manufacturers to keep a check on the quality of plastic films. You can easily purchase it from Presto. There are other wide ranges of testing instruments as well that will help you to determine the quality of materials. This testing instrument is made of high-quality standards and hence generates high-quality results. To perform the test on this testing equipment, you need to follow the standard procedure.

You can prepare the testing sample as per standards and place it in the area of impact. You must take multiple thickness measurements to get precise measurements. The high level of precision can be assured by multiple thickness recordings.

There are certain things that you must consider before the implementation of the test. We have listed them below.

Things to consider before doing dart impact test

There are certain things you must consider while doing this test. We have created a list of them below.

  • You must keep a check on the machine whether it is adjusted carefully or not.
  • You can lock the levelling bolts in the perfect position and also ensures that the apparatus does not vibrate.
  • You should not forget to connect the power supply cord properly.
  • You must fix the specimen properly so that there will be no chances of error.

These are some essential points that you must consider before doing a dart impact test. There are various features of using this testing equipment from Presto Testing Instruments.

Features of dart impact testing machine by Presto

  • This testing machine has a rigid metallic base with an electromagnetic hold that will increase the mechanism of the dart.
  • It contains a circular annular device with zero slippage.
  • Mild street material with powder coating.
  • Adjustable clamp

These are some features of this testing equipment. You can also view other testing instruments available at Presto.

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