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A Box Compression Tester can be used to analyze or test a material’s resistance to compression (generally used in packaging) and to conduct the creep test. 

Why should manufacturers use a Box Compression Testing Machine?

A Box compression tester/ testing machine is highly essential for the designing of a package and optimizing its strength. For this purpose it is necessary to ensure that the package is capable of resisting damages faced with transportation hazards and minimize damages and extra costs. 

Certain industries rely on the ability of the package to withstand compression forces and need to calibrate a material in a way that it can resist any amount of force liable to cause damage. 

Moreover, during warehouse storage, it is common for cardboard boxes to be stacked one on top of the other, putting them to the test as a result of the compression forces exerted on them. In order to guarantee that they will not collapse, a box compression testing machine is necessary.

A Box Compression tester measures the protective ability of a specific package against this situation of stacking boxes as well as other situations where the package is exposed to external forces. The box compression test and the carton compression test are used to determine the point up to which the material under test can protect the goods without failing. 

The BCT (Box Compression Test) consists of applying a gradually increasing compressive force to a load until it fails. In this way, the manufacturer is able to obtain a force-deformation curve that allows the resistance of a package to be determined.

Box Compression Tester provides enough information to make decisions in relation to the packaging (e.g., whether to choose a more resistant and durable package). 

The box compression strength tester is therefore a very important piece of equipment in ensuring that a package is well designed and is suitably resistant. Thus, the manufacturer is able to ensure that the boxes will maintain their integrity and strength, during storage and handling. 

Three types of tests can be performed using a Box Compression Testing Machine:

  1. Constant Rate Compression: 

Here, the machine applies an increasingly larger compression force until the sample under test fails. 

  • Press & Hold: 

During the Box Compression Test a force is applied to the load and the pressure is constantly maintained, so as to test the resistance of the package. The equipment offers a simulation of the type of impact that the stacking of load units for a specific amount of time implies to the package.

  • Press & Release:

The BCT applies a compression force to a load and then releases it. This allows the user to test whether the package has been able to withstand it.

In this way, it is possible to completely analyze and determine the protective ability of the package in the face of different types of compression forces, tailored to the real conditions experienced during storage and transportation.

Presto Testing Instruments are the Best Manufacturers of Box Compression Tester, designed to check compressive strength with respect to international standards. Presto Box Compression Tester is widely used to measure compressive resistance, deformation and stacking capability of corrugated boxes and paper.

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