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How the Design of a Packaging Box Affects Its Strength?

The packaging materials used for products must be strong enough to provide it the best safety from any of the external factors such as environment, temperature, pollution and so forth. The stiffness and strength of a packaging box are dependent on the box compression value of the box. The Box compression value of the box is the amount of the maximum force that can be exerted on the box without causing it to fail. There are many different factors that affect the box compression value of a packaging container such as the edge crush value, the corrugation in the board and bursting factor. The Design of the box is also a major factor that affects the strength and box compression value.

Effect of Box Design

There are different designs of a box that are used in the packaging industries. The design of a box is chosen according to requirements of the products as well as the conditions of the transportation and storage. For example, read meat needs to be packaged in an airy container to prevent it from rotting whereas the white meat is packaged tightly sealed containers as contact with oxygen can spoil them. Sometimes there are holes made in the box to make it light weight, this can also lower the strength of the box by reducing the box compression value of the box.

The manufacturers need to test the various designs of the packaging boxes with the help of a compressive testing machine to make sure that the design of the box is efficient enough to sustain its shape and strength during the usage.

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