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Recommended steps for preparing samples prior to conducting box compression tests

box compression tests

The usage of corrugated boxes is extremely prevalent in various industries. The more the usage, the better the quality you get. Therefore, it becomes crucial to deliver a top-notch quality of corrugated boxes all across the industries. The quality needs to be up to the mark in order to safeguard the items kept within these boxes during storage and transportation.

The quality of these corrugated boxes is ensured by a lab testing instrument called the box compression tester. The instrument is responsible for determining the ability of these corrugated boxes to withstand compressive force applied to them during stacking by creating real-life stacking storage simulations.

box compression tester

Manufacturers of the paper & packaging industry widely use this instrument to conduct box compression tests and identify the deformity that takes place after withstanding compression to a certain level. This helps them to take corrective measures as per the uncertainty, enhancing the quality of these boxes.

box compression tests

The instrument is equipped with a motorized compressive platform that forces downward pressure on the corrugated box with the help of circular lead screws. The corrugated box withstands the compressive force to a certain extent as per its quality and then deforms. The computerized mechanism of the box compression tester simplifies the conduction of this test by recording and indicating the peak compression value as well as the deflection or deformation of the box.

box compression test machine

Once the box compression tester computerized records all the values, the operator has a provision to extract the data into tabular formats for a critical analysis. The data can be extracted into Excel & PDF formats.

However, there are some key preparations that a corrugated box should undergo before the box compression test is conducted for error-less results consistently.

Guidelines for Preparing Corrugated Boxes Before Conducting Tests by Box Compression Tester

To achieve higher levels of accuracy it is vital to prepare the specimen i.e. the corrugated boxes that are going to be tested as per certain guidelines.

  • It is extremely crucial to construct a corrugated box with the help of quality corrugated sheets to enhance the sustainability of the box from the compressive force implied by the compression platform of the box compression tester computerized.
  • The plies of the corrugated sheet used in the corrugated box must be rightly constructed and attached together in a firm manner to ensure the durability of the corrugated box.
  • It is mandatory for the operator to ensure that the top & bottom surfaces of the corrugated box are positioned parallel to the compression platform for uniform application of force on the entire box, deriving accurate ability of the box to withstand compression as a whole.
  • It is the duty of an operator to make sure that the corrugated box is sealed properly from all the edges & corners in order to ensure no air pressure at all within the boxes, hampering the results of tests while the compression is taking place.
  • It is also vital to make sure that the corrugated box is not filled with any material or any substance as it will affect the box compression tester computerized in measuring the strength of the box by adding up to the box strength with the material’s own strength.

box compression tester computerized

To make the functioning of the box compression testing machine, the Presto Group has made sure to add a whopping amount of features, making the usage & working facile for the operator and accuracy-driven for the manufacturer of corrugated boxes.

Features of Box Compression Tester Computerized

The box compression testing machine is equipped with top-quality features, ensuring highly accurate results consistently as well as promoting single-handed operations to aid the manufacturer.

  • The lab testing instrument conducts box compression testing with a compressive platform that ensures uniform application of the compressive force on the corrugated box, achieving accurate results.
  • The box compression testing machine is equipped with a motorized platform whose movement is controlled through circular lead screws enabling smooth movement as per the speed mentioned in the designated standards
  • The instrument is constructed with a high-quality mild steel material that is coated with 7-layered powder paint to ensure a corrosion-resistant touch and provide a longer & durable finish to the instrument.
  • The instrument is equipped with high-quality computerized technology allowing the operator to extract tabular representation of data for critical analysis in Excel & PDF formats.

To ensure an even higher level of accuracy, the operator must take care of certain installation parameters of the box compression tester computerized.

Installation Parameters of Box Compression Tester Computerized

To conduct a flawless box compression test, it becomes extremely crucial to install the lab testing instrument in the correct manner.

  • The instrument is manufactured as a floor-type model, hence it is important to place the machinery on an even floor for uniform testing.
  • The box compression tester computerized must be connected to a device that supports the wintest software for easy and quick tracking of records registered by the instrument.
  • The machine must be placed in a wide-open area for easy & hassle-free movement of the corrugated boxes.
  • It is important to take care that the instrument is maintained regularly for a long-term and durable enhancement of the lab testing instrument.

The box compression tester manufacture in Delhi NCR i.e. the Presto Group is proud of this ergonomically designed lab testing instrument as it has aided a lot of manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry.

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