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What are the Key Applications of Bursting Strength Tester?

Bursting Strength Tester

The industry of rigid paper & packaging is the busiest when it comes to providing packaging materials to manufacturers because of the increasing demand for corrugated boxes all across the globe. With the increasing demand, it is often observed that the qualities of these boxes are also compromised which can hamper the item packed within.

These items can be sensitive in nature and might get contaminated in case of poor packaging quality. This makes it extremely important for manufacturers of the rigid paper & packaging industry to assess the quality of these corrugated sheets well before they are ready to dispatch.

Testing at an initial stage allows manufacturers to save up huge on unforeseen circumstances which might have been a worry in the case of faulty mass production.

Papers & corrugated sheets undergo different testing methodologies by the manufacturer to verify their durability, ductility, and edge strength. However, another important aspect of evaluating the quality of these corrugated sheets & papers is against rupturing.

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd. Offers a lab testing instrument to avoid such losses called the bursting strength tester. The instrument is designed to evaluate the rupturing strength of corrugated sheets in order to help manufacturers determine & fix uncertainties.

It is better to understand the instrument through its process of functioning as I will give a clearer picture that how the instrument exactly determines the bursting strength of the corrugated sheets & papers.

Functioning Process of Bursting Strength Tester

The Bursting strength tester follows an extremely simplistic testing technique to aid manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry to perform testing without any hassle at all.

Before the operator begins with the testing, it is necessary for the operator to be aware of the GSM of the paper or corrugated sheet being tested as it will be required to determine the results of the testing.

The testing begins with the operator positioning the sample at the clamps of the specimen. Once the sample is positioned precisely, it is necessary to clamp the specimen with the help of the clampers that have rugged surfaces ensuring no movement of the instrument.

It is mandatory to make sure that the specimen is exactly placed above the neoprene rubber for the accurate derivation of the test results.

The testing takes place and the hydraulic pressure below the neoprene rubber forces the neoprene rubber to exert pressure on the specimen.

The specimen withstands the rupturing strength to an extent from the neoprene rubber but after a point of time, when the maximum rupturing strength is achieved the specimen bursts.

The instrument is equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display that determines the bursting force that was required to rupture the specimen and helps the operator achieve highly accurate test results.

The formula used by the operator to determine the bursting force of the specimen is:

Bursting Force = Bursting strength x 100 


The bursting tester for cardboard is equipped with top-quality features that ensure easy and facile testing along with highly accurate test results.

Features of Bursting Strength Tester

The bursting strength tester manufacturer has constructed the instrument with a decent amount of features to aid manufacturers from the rigid packaging industries in derivation the bursting strength of their manufactured items.

The most prominent feature that stands out of all the other ones is the incorporation of neoprene rubber instead of a normal rubber. The neoprene can withstand all climatic conditions without changing its properties, this helps the operator achieve accurate testing results.

The Bursting strength tester manufacturer has also provided a lab-grade quality glycerine to act as a medium for generating the hydrostatic pressure through the pneumatic port.

The instrument offers a robust construction with mild steel material that ensures longevity due to anti-corrosion properties which are imbibed through a 7-layered powder-coated paint.

The instrument offers strong gripping clampers that ensure zero movement of the specimen during the course of testing which helps the operator in achieving even higher levels of accuracy.

The bursting tester for cardboard is also equipped with high-end feather touch controls that promote single-handedly and allow the operator to achieve maximum accuracy without any hassle at all.

The instrument is equipped with another feature that has gained the trust of manufacturers to a great extent as it involves the safeguarding of the machine. The instrument has an automatic sample-locking system to aid the operator during the test with maximum ease of testing.

The peak hold facility of the instrument also allows the operator to keep track of the previously attained results and critically analyze the results with previous ones for comparison and growth measurement.

The instrument has certain installation factors that must be taken into consideration during the installation of the machine.

Installation Factors of the Bursting Strength Tester

  • It is highly important to keep the instrument on an even bench-top surface that is durable enough to withstand the weight of the instrument.
  • The operator must adhere to the quick start guide during the installation of the instrument and seek expert help in case of any confusion.
  • The instrument must be kept a minimum of a meter away from the wall to allow the operator to perform the test with ease and maneuverability.
  • The instrument shall be close to an electronic port and pneumatic supply for a constant supply of both the necessary requirements.

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