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What, Why, How & Where to Buy Best Edge Crush Tester?

Best Edge Crush Tester

What is ECT?

ECT, or Edgewise Compressive Strength Test, is a measure of the corrugated board's ability to withstand weight and pressure. It is widely used to assess the structural integrity, strength and flexibility of the corrugated material. The corrugated paperboard's endurance is a vital property, since when force is applied horizontally against its edges, it tends to collapse. This might damage the contents and lead to losses.

Edge Crush Tester

To determine the corrugated board's ECT, it is crushed, using a testing equipment called the Edge Crush Tester. This machine determines the ability of a corrugated box to protect the contents of the package, especially during transport/ shipping and handling. With a good understanding of the corrugated board’s ECT, packaging engineers are better equipped to tailor custom products that fit their customer’s exact needs.

Why is ECT essential?

The Edge Crush Test (ECT) is vital for testing the strength of a corrugated board/box. A gradually increasing pressure is applied directly to the edge of a sheet until it crushes/collapses. This helps in the evaluation of the box, in terms of its pressure resistance and stacking strength. By performing the ECT, manufacturers as well as consumers can know if a particular material will be able to endure pressure and any items it may contain will be delivered in safe condition. Electronic goods or perishables are especially vulnerable to damage. This simple yet effective test procedure is very helpful.

Evaluation of the strength of the edges of a board or box is absolutely essential. As mentioned before, it helps to determine how much transit and shipping damage the package can endure. This not only gives an indication of just how strong those edges are, but also how well they will protect the contents inside during transit or stacking or storage. Prevention is better than cure! So, it is imperative to assess the material strength before using it for packing. Relying on a test score can give manufacturers the assurance that their goods will reach their destination in good condition.

Edge Crush Test (ECT)

How Is ECT Used?

The Presto Edge Crush Tester (ECT) is used to determine the amount of pressure required to push a box or packaging material to its breaking point.

Manufacturers can make more informed decisions when choosing boxes and packages for their specific needs, by using a reliable equipment like Presto ECT. By testing different boxes and packages in regards to ECT, they can compare different types of corrugated boards/boxes from different suppliers. This process is often used to determine which materials will provide the best durability and profitability – in terms of being cost effective and keeping their contents safe. This helps in creating brand reputation also.

A measure of how much pressure the edges of the board can resist before they collapse, ECT is an essential parameter for quality control. Applying pressure to the edge of a sheet of corrugated board until it crushes helps the manufacturer to evaluate its quality.


The ECT Value is calculated by dividing the pressure applied by the area of the sheet. This value can be used to compare different types of corrugated board or to compare boards from different suppliers. The test is important because it gives an indication of how strong the edges of the board are, which is important in preventing crushing during transit or storage. It also provides information on how well the board will resist impact damage. Knowing the edgewise compressive strength of your business' corrugated board supplier is essential in order maintain quality shipments and avoid damages.

Where to buy the best ECT?

Request a quote to receive testing systems customized to your specific needs. Have a question about edge crush testing of corrugated boards/loaded boxes/ packages? Contact us and we will determine the best course of action. You can even give us a call at +919210903903 or email us at

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