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How the ECT factor can define Quality of Corrugated Sheets?

Corrugated Sheets

Packaging material such as corrugated sheets has many properties which are used to assess the class or standard of that particular product. Few of the major properties used to evaluate the quality are compression strength, edge crush test value or ECT value, bursting strength and much more. In this blog section, we will throw some light on the role of Edge crush tester in conducting a quality analysis of corrugated sheets and carton paper.

About the ECT value

ECT is a laboratory test method that is used to measure the cross-direction crushing of a sample of corrugated board. This device helps you in calculating the crush resistance of a particular sheet material. It provides some relationship with the peak top-to-bottom compression strength of empty single wall regular slotted containers in laboratory conditions. An efficient and highly accurate testing tool is used to perform the test. The machine is designed strictly according to the relative testing standards.  For repeated and precise test result, it is very important that the machine is designed according to the test standards. Also, for accurate test results, sample preparation is also important. It must be noted that the edges of the corrugated sheet are cut parallel and sharp so that it can be matched with the fixtures at a perpendicular angle accurately.

Why we must use the tool?

The very first reason is quite obvious. In case the box made up of corrugated sheets is being produced as per specific standard in which the detailed specification of ECT test is mentioned, the box manufacturer should perform the edge crush test to conclude its compliance with the rules and regulations as mentioned in the standard.

In order to evaluate the properties of corrugated sheets, this testing module is the best option to gauge the major property of corrugated boxes i.e. box compression strength of a cardboard.

The third reason behind performing the test is basically to do material testing, which is done to determine the quality of a raw material, including the corrugating medium and a linear board. The edge crush value is evaluated by judging the liner stiffness a medium.

Edge Crush Tester Digital is an efficient testing instrument used to evaluate the crush strength of cardboard boxes and packaging containers. It is manufactured under Testing Standard of IS 7063.

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