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How to Effectively Use An Edge Crushed Tester?

Edge crush testers are a great way to test the durability of any product. They have been used for many years now and they will continue to be in demand as people want products that can withstand being dropped from high heights or other impacts. You should consider buying these amazing testing instruments from Presto to get high quality in them.

All their instruments are made with a compilation of necessary standards for the test of the quality of materials. An edge crushed tester is an instrument that will help to determine the edgewise compression strength of the materials.

The edge crush tester is used to determine the compressive resistance of a material, or its ability to withstand crushing by applying a compressive load along one axis through the specimen. Here in this blog post, we are going to show you how you can use an edge crush tester effectively for your packaging industry. But before that, we will focus on some essential features of the edge crush tester.

Features of edge crush tester that you should know about

This amazing testing instrument is designed to provide you with accurate results for testing the ability of the box to withstand the forces. This test is mainly done on the cardboard and carton boxes. Here we have created a list of features for edge crush tester:

  • It provides you with accurate results and can be used for testing as well as inspecting different types of materials such as paper, cartons, flute boards, etc., for their resistance to compression or edges.        
  • This instrument is available in different models at Presto depending on your needs. You can choose from a digital to computerized model, whichever you think is best for you.
  • This instrument is highly recommended by many packaging companies for efficient testing of their products during packaging.
  • It comes with feather touch controls with an inbuilt calibration facility when you buy it from Presto.
  • Whenever you test a specimen, you will get the report available in PDF format.

These are some amazing features of this instrument that make it a must-have for every packaging company. This testing machine from Presto has been designed to give accurate results and the ability to store the data collected from each test. This instrument provides you with standard values that can be used for testing edge-wise compression of different packing materials or products.  

Now, we will focus on how you can effectively use this testing instrument for conducting the edge compression test. So, let us get started!

Working of edge crush tester

When you are all set to perform this test on corrugated boxes, then you should apply a cross-sectional load on it until it collapses. This will ultimately provide you with the compression value of the box.

This can be done, when you start the machine and place the specimen between the fixtures of it. To perform this test, you should place the fixture with the erected edge of the specimen facing the upper compression plate. After that, you should set the value at the peak load indicator to zero. Install wintest software and set the instructions for the test. Once the specimen will experience compressive load then it will help you to determine the durability and strength of it.

In this way, you can easily conduct an edge crush test of the specimen using the Presto Edge Crush tester.


The edge crush test is one of the most common tests that will be conducted in the packaging industry to test the durability of materials. With the help of the Presto edge crush tester, you can easily conduct this test at your site.

This is a simple and reliable method to measure the strength of specimens for the packaging industry as well as various other industries where materials are used in bulk quantities.

Edge crush test is performed on the sample which is set in a clamping fixture. The two jaws of this clamp are tightened and force applied to see if it can withstand compression or not.

In case, you need any assistance regarding edge crush tester please contact us at or give us a call at +91-129-4272727. Our technical team of experts is always there to assist you.

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