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Provide The Best Safety To Your Products With Stronger Shipping Containers

The packaging containers and boxes are the most prominently used means of packaging that are used in packaging industries. These containers are best for shipping the products from one place to another with the best level of security and safety. The manufacturers must ensure that the packaging containers they used for shipping their products are strong enough so that there is no harm done to the products during the transportation. The manufacturers of the packaging containers also need to ensure that they provide the boxes with the best strength so that they do not get damaged or deformed and put the products in danger. When the boxes are transported in stacks, the manufacturers need to ensure that the boxes will not be deformed due to the pressure from the upper layer of the boxes in the stack.

The box compression values of a shipping container help in determining the strength of a shipping container and help the manufacturers in evaluating its strength.  The testing of box compression value is done with the help of an instrument called Box compression tester. The box compression tester simulates the compressive conditions that are faced by the packaging containers. The instrument is capable of providing the exact amount of force that is needed to deflect or deform the test specimen so that the manufacturers could decide its maximum strength.

Technical features of Presto’s Box Compression Tester

  1. The Box placement platform of the instrument is 1000 mm X 1000 mm. other sizes are also available on request.
  2. The maximum load capacity of the instrument is 1000 kilogram-force.
  3. The instrument has a speed of 10 ± 3mm per minute.
  4. The least count of the instrument is 1-kilogram
  5. The accuracy of the instrument is ±2% of full scale (with master load).

Key Features of Presto’s Box Compression Tester

  1. The instrument offers the option of measuring the load in three different units that are N, lbf, and kg.
  2. The instrument is fitted with a digital display for accurate and clear readout of test results.
  3. There are twin columns provided with the machine for stable and robust performance.

When the manufacturers of shipping containers measure the box compression value of the specimen, then they can easily ensure that the products they are providing to their clients are free from any defect and have the best strength to bear the forces during the transportation procedure.

The best thing about Presto’s box compression tester is available in different sizes and force capacities hence different sizes of the specimen can be tested using the instrument.

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